Talking SME Podcast Series – Free Small Business Advice from Business Leaders

Free small business advice - podcast for SM's - eavesdropping on the experts

Listen to business leaders offer insights and business advice to SMEs.

Need some free small business advice?

This is a series of podcasts where we talk about a wide range of topics. We chat with business experts, and also offer broad insights to help SMEs become more successful. A fantastic podcast to listen to for free small business advice.

Ten2Two works with business large and small across all sectors and industries.  We have fascinating conversations every day about how businesses are adapting and leading in these changing and uncertain times.

Our Talking SME podcasts let you join us for these conversations to get insights, learnings and free small business advice from a broad range of business leaders.

Our guests talk about a subject close to their hearts and share their personal insights for your benefit.

Give yourself a short break to hear from experts in their fields to help you in yours.

Francis Lake tells us why one popular hybrid working policy is an ‘ill-fitting suit’ – here is some more info about Francis.

Find out more about Jim Simpson, who joined us to discuss ‘Bringing Tech to your Boardroom’.

Souky Arsalane chats about her experience as an entrepreneur and mentor to female founders – learn more about Souky.

Find out more about Katherine Rayden, Owner and Founder of Rayden Solicitors.

Click here to find more information about Louise Hosking, who spoke to us about ‘The Pulse of Health & Safety ’.

Find out more about Adrian Malpass, who joins us for ‘Leading like Gareth Southgate’.

Here’s some background information on Louise Towler, our guest for ‘Being a Female Leader in Technology’.

Find out more about Peter Hopwood, Global Public Speaking & TEDx Coach, and our guest on ‘Tips for Presenting Virtually’.

Kimberley Whalen-Blake gives us her valuable insights into the ‘Top 5 Employment Law Questions for SME Business Leaders’ – here is some more info about Kimberley.

Click here to find more information about Linda Garcia, who joins us with her expert advice on ‘Improving Productivity in the Workplace’, and download some useful resources on this topic.

Click here for some more information on Gary Swanwick, our guest on ‘Cyber Security – why simple antivirus software is no longer enough’, and download your free guide to hybrid working security.

Here’s some more information about Cathryn Barnard, our guest on ‘Foresight Focus – A Must for Business Leaders’ and download your free Foresight Focus summary.

Find out more about Kimberley Whalen-Blake, our guest on ‘How does Brexit affect your recruitment practices?’, and access some useful resources on navigating employment and recruitment post-Brexit.

Find out more about Sarah Sen, star of ‘How to Make Hybrid Working Work’.

Find out more about Polly Collingridge, our guest on ‘The impacts of Employee Wellbeing’.

Find out more about Sarah Liddiard, who chats to us on our episode ‘Company Structure – Tailor your Rule Book’.

Find out more about Kathryn Wellum-Kent, our guest on our episode ‘Mental Wellbeing, More Important Than Ever’.

Find out more about Cindy Withey, who chats to us on ‘Businesses Connecting with Local Community’.

Find out more about Caroline Bevan, who chats to us on ‘Thinking Local, Being Human’.

Find out more about Vida Barr-Jones, our guest on ‘Passion and Purpose for Business Success’.

Find out more about Richard McBarnet, who talks to us on ‘Don’t Blame it on the Tech’.

Find out more about Shaun Brownsmith, our guest on ‘Cash is King’.


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