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Flexible Working offers a cost-effective route to growth

We have lots of flexible working examples of businesses demonstrating how flexibility can help to facilitate growth.

Our Flexible and Proud Report highlights some of these growth success stories, showing how businesses such as start-ups and franchises have hired flexible staff to help take their growth to the next level.

Franchises can offer flexibility to working parents

It is often the case with franchises that they are well set up to be a flexible workplace, although not always. However, in the flexible working example from The Monkey Music franchise – an award-winning music classes for babies and young children – flexibility has proven to offer everyone exactly what they need to work effectively.

CEO Angie Coates talked to us about putting flexible working at their core to help support working parents in the first instance. Not only have the franchisees run a proven and successful business model whilst having the freedom to manage their own time-frame, but this flexible approach has shown there are many business benefits of flexible working too. She says, “This flexible approach to the business has helped Monkey Music to grow.”

Technology leads to more flexible working examples

London-based employer, Damhurst & Co, an insurance executive search company, explains how technology and open-minded thinking has helped them to evolve their business. They now have access to better talent and a happier team who can manage their home and work goals at the same time.

Further flexible working examples include Hertfordshire business GSA-Marketing, based in St Albans. They have always traditionally recruited flexibly, telling us that part-time mums who work from home make excellent employees. “As technology has improved, however, the ability to provide better tools has improved this and made for a smoother process.”

Start-ups can access great local flexible talent

Emm-power, a Marketing Agency in Dorset, is just three years old, but it has grown from strength to strength, largely thanks to its forward-thinking approach to the flexible workplace. They believe that the standard 9 to 5 work routine doesn’t correlate any more in today’s world. As such, they hired four parents who could work flexibly to ensure they were able to answer customers’ queries when they needed to.

Emma Friendship-Kilburn, Managing Director, says, “A member of staff recently said to me, ‘Emma, I simply wouldn’t be able to work without you being this flexible. Your trust and empowerment mean that I can be there for my children or if my childcare fails, it means I am still able to work, be social and have a sense of fulfilment whilst maintaining an income for my family in a job I enjoy’”.

If you’re seeking to grow your business but you’re not sure you can afford the staff you need, it could pay you think flexibly, like these flexible working examples have done. Talk to flexible recruitment agency Ten2Two today. We’d be delighted to help.

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