Complementary fit for HR teams


We are your specialist agency for professional part-time, flexible, remote and hybrid roles. Think of us for all functions and levels from Director to Controller, Creator to Developer and Manager to Administrator. Whether that’s Fintech to Ecommerce, Legal to Accountancy, Manufacturing to IT Services, we’re completely cross-sector.

Why HR teams choose to work with Ten2Two


Delivering quality candidates

Our experienced team screens every candidate personally. We check against job requirements, flexibility options and fit to ensure you and your hiring colleagues only consider a shortlist that hits the mark every time.

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Tap into a unique candidate community

We give you access to our community of 49,000 professionals, over 50% of which are not registered elsewhere or active in the job market.

Jobsites don’t work for people who need flexibility. They're viewed as impersonal and not tailored to their needs. Our approach and continuous candidate support programme makes them feel at home.

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Letting us make the effort on your behalf

Busy HR people find recruitment an onerous task when there’s mountains of other work.

HR professionals are also flat out onboarding and developing their people.

We handle the end to end process, limiting your effort to the job spec and the appointment. We’ll liaise directly with hiring mangers or give you everything to you need to make things easy.

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Tackling hard to fill roles

When you’re pulling your hair out because you can’t find the right candidates or any candidates at all. We help you review the role, recommend changes that will make the difference and market the role on your behalf.

Our Client Charter

Maybe a grand title but it’s a simple set of standards we set ourselves from the outset. We want to be a team you want to work with and a team that gets it right and saves you time.


We only present candidates that are qualified and available right now.


We guarantee every shortlisted candidate we submit will be pre-screened (by a real person).


We work with you and your preferred candidate to find a flexible option that works for everyone.


We keep you up to date on vacancy progress but we won’t bug you with random sales calls.


We stick to what we know best. Part-time and flexible roles for professionals.

Oh, and in case you’re interested:

We also offer our client community a complimentary year-round programme of advice and support on flexible working best practices and the essentials of recruiting, onboarding and managing people.


Success Stories

Find out how other companies have taken advantage of flexible and part-time working and leaned on Ten2Two to navigate the recruitment process.


Jo helped me design the right flexibility into the role and then brought me some fabulous marketing candidates


Ten2Two even sent me a good luck card when I started my new part-time finance role!


I never thought I’d be able to access that quality of candidates. I was spoilt for choice!

Flexible Working Best Practice

Learn from SMEs who have embraced flexible working to the benefit of their business and their employees. We talked to over 30 progressive SMEs about their flexible working best practices in recruitment, onboarding and people management.

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