Spec. Interview. Appoint.


Lighten the Load

It sounds simple but spec (that is, agree the job specification!), interview, appoint your preferred candidate is pretty much all you need to do when you engage Ten2Two to find your perfect match. We do the rest, agreeing timescales and actions with you in advance. Here’s a summary of the journey we embark on together:

Step 1

A Senior Consultant works with you to fully understand the role, working pattern and your organisation and its stakeholders to refine the job specification.
We will help you write the job profile that will be used in conversation with candidates.

Step 2

The search begins for quality candidates, reaching out to our unique candidate community and trusted sources to build our longlist for your role. Many of our candidates are not visible through other recruitment channels.

Step 3

Our screening process via phone and video assesses the candidates against the brief, essential competencies, working patterns and availability to deliver a quality shortlist. This enhances your interview and selection process.

Step 4

Our client team organises the first round of interview on your behalf and provides feedback to all interviewees, guaranteeing a positive candidate experience.

Step 5

We facilitate final discussions on package, working patterns and hours, start date and referencing details, conducting referencing where required.

Step 6

Check ins with our client and the employee are scheduled for six weeks, with any issues followed up with both parties.

Your experienced companion

Beyond our recruitment skills our team calls on a broad range of experience including board-level exec and non-exec, company leadership and many functions inlcuding, HR, marketing, finance, operations, technology and sales.


We work across multiple business sectors from Fintech to Ecommerce, Legal to Accountancy, Manufacturing to IT services, Charities to Education and yes, we’ve worked in many so we’re sympathetic to the needs of your business.


You’ll have a key contact who will work with you from the start with the support of our Candidate Managers and Directors.

Leadership Appointments

We offer the same level of commitment to every role we work on, whatever level, but senior roles often require a higher level of rigor during the search and selection process. For these roles we also offer:


Job structure and fit consultancy


Accompanied interviewing


Preferred candidate personality profiling


Full referencing


Follow-up consultation

Our Operating Model and Fee Structure

We operate like a search and selection agency rather than an advertising-based jobsite. Our fees reflect our role in the process, providing full end-to-end support, our expertise in attracting and screening candidates and the investment we make in growing our unique candidate base.

For permanent and contract placements, we charge an agreed percentage of the first year salary.

Importantly, we calculate our fees on the actual hours your new employee is contracted to work rather than the full-time equivalent so our fee is pro-rated just like the salary.

This is particularly relevant if you opt for a part-time structure. For example, if a marketing manager is employed on a three days a week basis our fee would be 60% of a standard full-time recruitment fee without any reduction in the level of support we provide.

We’re always confident we can find the perfect match for your vacancy and are rarely too challenged but if we don’t fulfil your brief there’s no fee to pay.

Also, we offer a structured fee rebate should your new candidate not work out in the first weeks after appointment.

We are happy to give you a firm quote based on your need, which will only vary if you change the salary or anticipated hours worked. We will work closely with you to agree the job profile before we kick off the process.

There are several ways to engage project contractors and freelancers. We will agree a fair fee based on the type and length of project and the working pattern.

Our standard terms and conditions apply and we’ll take you through that before you formally engage with us at Ten2Two.