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Flexibility focuses on outcome not hours

As a flexible working recruitment agency, we often hear that it’s a focus on outcome not hours that leads to successful flexible working practice. Here at Ten2Two, we’re keen advocates of the death of presenteeism and our recent Flexible and Proud Report explores the issues around this.

After all, until we get over the fact that bums on seats doesn’t necessarily lead to better and more effective work, we will continue to see the gender pay gap exist as working parents struggle to balance their work and home lives.

AccountsIQ provides powerful cloud-based accountancy and consolidation software designed for multi-entity businesses and accountants. Their product is all about flexibility so it makes sense they’ve embraced that from the bottom to the top of their organisation.

They’ve shared some tips for making a success of flexible working recruitment, as well as how to put it into practice. You can read these in our Flexible and Proud Report here.

A good work-life balance achieves results

There is a focus on measuring performance on output rather than hours, and this is crucial as they offer employees remote working opportunities. There simply has to be trust and good communication in place to make this work. But by looking at what’s achieved, they can see that their employees are performing to a high level.

AccountsIQ says, “We have a core value of Diversity of Thought, engaging employees on the way they want to work. Every employee is provided with a laptop and mobile so that they’re able to work from anywhere whether it’s at one of our HQs, within a client’s business, home office or even the occasional coffee shop. Ultimately, a good work-life balance is incredibly important to us as a business.”

Flexible working is about getting the job done

Platypus Digital, a digital marketing agency for charities, is another company who understand the benefits of flexible working.

Matt Collins, Director, says, “Culturally, we believe in getting the job done, not being seen to work long hours. So you can work from home whenever you want, arrive late and leave early (projects and meetings permitting). I leave around 4pm most days so I can see my young daughter. Everything is cloud-based so we can work just as easily at home.”

Mediaholix  is an inbound marketing strategy company. They set deadlines for work and projects to be completed and look for the best professionals to complete that work. Focusing on output rather than hours means they can work effectively, efficiently and professionally.

It also means, they’re well placed to choose flexible working recruitment agency Ten2Two to help them find staff when they have a requirement.

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