Why work with us

We’re a recruitment agency. But a recruitment agency with a difference. In fact a few differences:

Exclusively flexible. We’re 100% dedicated to professional part-time and flexible roles for all sizes of business across a wide range of business sectors and professions. We help clients find the right person whether it’s someone to join a business for the long-term, take on a project or provide occasional expertise whenever needed.

We provide an end to end service. We can handle every stage of the flexible recruitment process for our clients so they take advantage of our experience, save their precious time and make fewer mistakes. Our approach is similar to an Executive Search model rather than high-street agencies or online recruitment sites.

We’ve got privileged access to a unique community. Across our local areas, over 20,000 flexible professionals have asked us to help them find rewarding flexible roles. Over 70% of our registered candidates have management and professional experience and 50% are not registered elsewhere. We support their professional development with free events, CV workshops, career advice and guidance.

We’re experts. Recognised in the UK as one of the leading flexible resourcing companies, people and clients like working with us. We know what we’re doing and what they need…and we’ve been doing it for over 10 years.

We are local and real people. We’re not just online… we talk, meet, facilitate, support and advise. We operate in and understand your local area and we become part of your local community, networking with local business and supporting local causes.

We’re business professionals helping businesses and professionals. Our independent teams have many years of professional business experience. We understand how businesses work and we’re attuned to the needs of professionals seeking flexibility in their lives.

There’s a lot of support waiting for you. Whether you’re a business or someone seeking part-time or flexible professional work, we have plenty of advice and guidance ready for you.

Get in touch

If you’d like to find our more, talk to your local team who will be happy to talk or meet to discuss your needs – even if you don’t have an immediate requirement – or call us at HQ and we’ll help get you started in the world of flexible recruitment.



Talented Professionals

We invest in building a community of talented professionals in our local areas and we’re constantly amazed at the quality of people seeking rewarding jobs that utilises their skills and experience but provides a level of flexibility that they desire.

We have over 20,000 experienced people registered with Ten2Two as ‘members’ across our local Ten2Two communities.

  • Average 10 years’ experience
  • Aged between 25-54
  • 70% with Management and professional experience
  • 97% female
  • Broad variety of professions and sectors: HR, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Account Management & Business Development, Project Management and Operations, Legal, PA and Senior Administration
  • More than 50% exclusively registered with Ten2Two
  • 74% seeking flexibility because of childcare responsibilities

Flexible Recruitment Working Options

Some jobs are not right for part-time working when the employee works only two or three days a week. But why not consider employing someone who can do four or five hours every day? That way, they are never more than a couple of hours away from their desk or from returning a client’s call and never have to miss important meetings.

There’s a whole range of flexible working options that could suit your business and your specific flexible recruitment requirements:

Format Example
Part time week 3 full days per week, 9.00am to 5.30pm Delivers reduced hours where there’s no daily operational restrictions
Part-time days Reduced daily hours, 5 days per week e.g. 9.00am-3.00pm Where daily attendance is preferred e.g. client facing role
Nine day fortnight Working full days but 9 days instead of 10 over a fortnight Delivers cost saving and flexibility for the employee with little loss of capacity
Condensed hours Full time hours condensed into 3 or 4 longer days Delivers cost saving and flexibility for the employee with little loss of capacity
Staggered Hours Full time hours over different times, i.e. 7am-3pm Offers flexibility for the employee with no loss of capacity
Short term/medium term contracts To cover specific fixed-term projects or roles When a new permanent employee is not required
Working from home Some or all of the role can be worked from home Across full or part-time hours where the person’s not required in the office
Local job – Zero / Reduced travel Full time working but employee saves many commuting hours per week through working locally Recruiting local professional people attracts a wider talent pool

There’s a range of options that may suit your needs. We’re happy to meet and understand your business and your specific requirements. Occasionally, this results in a total change of role or working pattern. We’ll use our expertise to help you work out the best flexible recruitment option:


Employment Options

Beyond the type of flexible hours you may need, there are several ways you can engage your ideal professional through our flexible recruitment agency. We can help you find the right person utilising any of the main formats:

Structure Benefit
Permanent employee Where you have an ongoing business need. Provides stability for the employer and employee. Encourages loyalty and provides development and flexible progression options
Interim Where a long-term project, change programme or employee coverage – e,g, maternity leave cover – is required. Provides predictable, fixed term resource
Projects & Consultancy Where expert skills you don’t have in-house (or enough of) are required for a day, week, month or variable periods. Enables the company to inject resource and expertise without long term commitment
Non-Executive Utilising senior, highly experienced professionals to provide executive guidance on an occasional or periodic basis. Can be formal non-executive board role or a mentoring/coaching function.


The proof’s always in the pudding. We’re proud to me members of the following great organisations:

15-01-30-rec-logoWe are members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. It’s the industry body for the recruitment sector and we are compliant with their recommended terms and conditions. We’ve also participated in research and panel discussions on diversity andf flexible working alongside their policy team. To find out more, please go to www.rec.uk.com.
15-01-30-bcc-logoSeveral of our teams are active members of their local Chamber of Commerce, supporting the local community, working with local businesses and charities. To find out more, please go to www.britishchambers.org.uk.
15-01-30-ewif-logoEWIF is an organisation dedicated to encouraging women into franchising. Its members come from all areas within the franchising industry as well as other associated businesses and we take inspiration from them in developing our partner network. To find out more, please go to www.ewif.org.