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Surviving Christmas


Christmas, every year I say the same “must get organised”. Sometimes I get it right but other times I have got it so, so wrong especially around work.  There are a few things that have contributed to those successful years.

These are my three key pointers to surviving Christmas.


Manage expectations

Whilst we all  like to think we are super-women we cannot be her all the time! It is important to set realistic goals and not to over promise on activities or projects. Clients definitely prefer to be told an honest deadline rather than be disappointed when you don’t deliver.  That is also applicable to you too, I hate it when I don’t get done what’s promised.

Accept help

We are all guilty of “No it’s fine, I can manage” – STOP IT ! This is the time to welcome help with open arms. And that’s sharing the work load both at home and at work.  This year I have worked out an accountability schedule with my husband. I’m all about the presents; he’s all about the food. Yes that right people I’m not cooking woo hoo !!


This sort of relates to managing expectations. Be clear with your audience and clients exactly when you are finishing and when you will be back in action. Here at Ten2Two we shut for 7 days in total, just before and just after the festive season.  We make sure everyone has out of office switched on and we provide an emergency contact number on email and answer machine. I know this sounds weird for recruitment – what job emergency could there be ?  But we have over the years had interviews happening on Christmas eve, New Year’s Eve and 27th December.

Whilst I know this is not ground breaking advice, theorising is not enough. Put some plans into place, and you should be not only surviving Christmas, but heading for a “most wonderful time of the year”.


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