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What’s best, social media or recruitment agencies?

If you spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, you’ll know it’s a good place to start your job hunt. We always say that word of mouth is a good way to find work, particularly if you keep up with old colleagues and have a wide network. But not everyone has that luxury – and that’s where our flexible and part-time recruitment agencies can help.

Finding a job on social media is just one way

People are finding jobs via social media. It’s one of the reasons we offer our candidates a free professional development event around building a digital personality. Yes, companies are turning to Facebook or LinkedIn to advertise some roles but this is usually alongside other channels such as job boards or recruitment agencies.

When you apply to a position via social media, be mindful that you haven’t got a good recruiter to act as a go-between for you. You need to be ‘on it’ when it comes to marketing yourself, negotiating salary, annual leave and company benefits. This is particularly important for part-time employment when you have to pro-rate your salary and annual leave and remember to ask about bank holidays.

Good recruitment agencies work for you

A good recruiter will be registered with the REC – the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. It means they will act in your best interests and are accountable to high standards. For example, a good recruiter will always contact you before putting your CV forward for a role and represent you to the employer you interview with.

At recruitment agencies like Ten2Two, we feedback about roles you interview for, regardless of whether you are successful or not. There’s nothing worse than spending time and money getting to interview only to never hear from the employer again.

A recruitment process that’s a good experience 

A recruiter will vet candidates, but also, ensure the employment opportunity is a solid one – we’d never knowingly waste anyone’s time. The same isn’t always true for those posted on social media forums – so just make sure you ask the right questions before you go along to an interview.

If you have reservations about whether an interview will be worthwhile, good recruitment agencies should be able to alleviate any worries or concerns beforehand. And that can help you to feel more confident before you face your interviewer.

A go-between to go the extra mile for you

Social media is on the rise as a means of finding a job because it’s the newest channel to the job market and, in times of high employment, employers are struggling to recruit. We know of course that if more employers started by thinking about offering flexible working, they could certainly attract more high quality candidates.

At Ten2Two, we know that if companies revisit their ways of working to attract working mums and dads, they can find excellent staff with bags of experience. And they can find them swiftly and with peace of mind by going through our recruitment agency first.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your flexible job search, please register with Ten2Two today.

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