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Ten2Two Recruitment Joins the Better Business Act: Balancing People, Profit, and Planet

At Ten2Two we've always believed in the power of businesses to create positive change in society. That's why we're excited to announce our participation in the Better Business Act, a movement that aligns perfectly with our mission and values.

The Better Business Act is not just another campaign; it's a call to action for every company in the UK to prioritise people, profit, and planet equally. Led by leaders of over 1000 businesses, this initiative aims to amend Section 172 of the Companies Act, in order to hold company directors responsible for protecting society and the environment whilst pursuing profit.

Being part of the Better Business Act means that we're committed to operating in a way that benefits not just our shareholders, but also our customers, clients, and the wider society. It signifies our dedication to ethical, responsible business practices and our desire to make a positive impact in the world.


What does this mean for you?

Being part of the Better Business Act means a great deal for our customers and clients. Here's how:

  1. Increased Transparency: By aligning with the Better Business Act, we commit to being more transparent about our social and environmental impact. This means our customers and clients can trust that we're operating with integrity and are actively working to minimise any negative effects our business may have on society and the environment. 
  1. Greater Accountability: We are choosing to hold ourselves accountable not only to our shareholders but also to wider society and the planet. This means that our decisions are not solely driven by profit motives but also consider the broader implications for all stakeholders. Customers and clients can rest assured that we're making ethical choices that benefit everyone.
  1. Support for Sustainable Practices: We are actively promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations, helping to create a better world.
  1. Values: Sharing the values of ethical and sustainable business practices aligns with many of our clients and candidates strengthening our relationships, as we know we’re both working towards the same goal.

 Just as you would seek out a trusted partner for their dedication to ethical standards, choosing us means selecting a company committed to balancing profit with social and environmental responsibility.

Whether you're an employer seeking quality hires or a flexible worker looking for new flexible job opportunities, we're here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we're making a difference as part of the better business act.

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