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Full-time staff member leaving? Think part-time replacement.

When an employee hands in their notice and you can’t find a replacement, it could be time to think about alternative recruitment solutions such as recruiting flexibly.

Sometimes, if you’re on a cost-cutting drive and an employee leaves, you may even be tempted to stall the recruitment process. But be careful as this can put undue pressure on existing employees and lead to more members of staff handing in their notice. It’s time to think about kick starting an effective recruitment strategy, and help is at hand.

Often when one person leaves a business, it encourages people to evaluate their own career paths. Hopefully it won’t be the case for your business. But it’s worth considering your employee engagement levels just to be certain. For example, are your employees happy and productive? What could you do to help boost employee wellbeing in the workplace?  See how other companies are doing this by taking a look at our Flexible and Proud report.

Your route to cost-effective recruitment

If cost-effective recruitment is important to you, hiring a more junior member of staff is one way to go. But it can back-fire considerably. If you need a member of staff to hit the ground running, more senior experience can be useful. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Think alternative recruitment solutions

If you’re replacing a full-time manager, for example, you could consider a part-time replacement to manage the senior elements of the role with a more junior person in support.  This gives a full week’s cover, buys in senior experience and could save money against your original budget.  And with flexible workers you can get exceptional skills, staff loyalty and greater productivity.

Open up the talent pool to working mums

By recruiting a part-time member of staff, you’ll also open the talent pool up to working mums or parents who need greater flexibility in their lives. If you can be even more forward-thinking and open the vacancy to returning mums seeking work after a career break, it’s likely you’ll find even more local talent at your disposal.

If you’d like to fast track your recruitment process, why not talk to flexible and part-time recruitment specialists Ten2Two today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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