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Recruitment Checklist

You’ve found your perfect new recruit, you just need to get them to say ‘YES’! And then for them to sign on the dotted line and show-up on their first day! Should be simple.

However, the candidate market is one of the most competitive we’ve seen for many years. Employers are experiencing counter-offers, candidates refusing offers, long notice periods and, worse of all, candidates not arriving on their first day.



Our short and punchy free webinar gives practical advice and tips on:

• Avoiding the frequent pitfalls when negotiating a job offer
• Getting the basics right
• Managing the dreaded ‘notice period gap’

Great for anyone currently recruiting or recruiting in the future.


We’ve had lots of great feedback, particularly our recruitment checklist is proving very popular offering tips in four simple stages to help you action the advice you picked up from the webinar.

Our recruitment checklist will walk you through the whole process. Starting with important Pre-Recruitment steps, then the Interview Process. Before guiding you through your Post-Interview worries and finally, helping you avoid falling victim to the dreaded ‘notice period gap’.

The checklist can be downloaded here.

If you need any bespoke advice on Turning a Job Offer into a Job Start, feel free to get in touch.

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