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Designing a Role and Perfecting a Job Description

It’s clear that businesses often know that they need more resources but often get caught out by designing a role that has too many different elements; seeking a mix of skills that are difficult to find or without enough flexibility. Making it unappealing and difficult to recruit. Designing a role and perfecting a job description can help solve this.

Ten2Two have conversations everyday helping our clients design fit for purpose roles that fit their budget. Our recent webinar shares our advice.



Our punchy 30-minute webinar covers:

  • Key elements when designing a new role
  • Evaluating an existing role prior to recruitment
  • Creating a strong job description



We had some great questions come up on the webinar with a selection answered below:

  • When designing a new role, is it better to define your budget first or the role first?

Our advice is to design the role first to establish what your business needs, then see the market rate for that level of role.  If it’s out of your budget, consider reducing the responsibilities in the role to match your budget or reducing the hours to find the right talent.

  • If a role is for a fixed term (say a mat cover) rather than perm – should the JD still be the same?

Yes … unless there are differences in the responsibilities for the fixed term contract, the job description should be the same.

  • You mentioned “start small” – if a role requires say 15 hours but is likely to need more in a few years – is it better to be transparent about that on the job description?

Yes.  Be clear what the job requires initially but show how the role could also develop.  This will often suit candidates looking for fewer hours initially but who are happy to grow with the role.

There was also lots of interest in the content, particularly our handy job description template.

If you need any bespoke advice on designing a role and perfecting a job description, feel free to get in touch.

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