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Employers – plan your resourcing now

If you’re planning your new year resource, have you thought about recruiting flexibly?

Our flexible recruitment agency may have just the answer to help make your year super productive and successful.

While you may have big plans and high ambition for the new year, it can be an exciting time but also frustrating. Do you have the firepower you need to achieve your goals? Could someone new take the burden off you and set you free? Do you need to upgrade your skills set to make a breakthrough this year? Is your operation creaking?

Recruiting a part-time professional is a highly affordable option to help make your business plans become reality. An experienced, skilled professional working three days a week is often all you need to make change happen.

Here are five reasons why flexible recruitment makes sense this year…

1. Grow your business

With flexible and part-time professionals, you can bring focus and energy to your business, giving your company the added expertise it needs to get to the next level this year.

“We’ve recruited three flexible workers now and our business is thriving as a result. We could never have afforded the level of talent employing full-time workers. Ten2Two’s flexible recruitment agency was exactly what we needed.” Alexander Arpino, MD, Veterinary Insights

2. Support existing teams with additional resource

Get exceptional talent for a smaller price tag than a full-time worker. Even offering a role on four days per week gives a 20% salary saving and 30 hours per week goes a long way!

3. Get side-lined projects off the ground

A part-time worker on a fixed contract can be the answer to getting those jobs done in your office that are always overlooked. Whether it’s updating your website or getting some help balancing the books, a flexible worker can work wonders for your business.

4. Free up your time to focus elsewhere

If you’re taking on duties that simply aren’t your remit, you could be denying your business of time that would be better spent elsewhere. By hiring an administrator, an HR professional or a book keeper for example, you can begin to free up time and focus on the tasks that really matter, like growing your business for the long-term.

5. Find more productive workers

Flexible workers are great time managers – they make every minute count as every day brings its own deadline. As a result, we’ve found that flexible and part-time workers’ priorities are well focused, leading to greater productivity for your business. Or more bang for your buck, as they say.

All of these benefits come at a lot less than the cost of a full-time salary.

Our flexible recruitment agency has lots of brilliant professionals on our books with just the expertise you need, all seeking rewarding part-time or flexible jobs. What’s more, there’s no need to spend days sifting through hundreds of poor CVs to find your next star recruit. We have unique access to fantastic talent local to your business and we’’ll manage the end to end process for you so you can focus on your business.

Let us support you every step of the way. Contact your local team for a chat today.

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