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How to do summer childcare

“I've got a new job but what do I do in the summer holidays?” This is a question we’re frequently asked. So here we look at summer holiday childcare options and how millions of parents across the country juggle the month of August.

The summer holidays are well and truly here. But every year many working parents approach them with a mixture of fear, trepidation and relief that clean uniform doesn’t have to be improvised for another morning in a row. The problem many of us face is the lack of suitable childcare that’s both affordable and up to scratch. So here we look at some of the options available to parents:

Juggling time off

Most families these days have to rely on a mixture of paid and unpaid childcare to get through the holidays. Whether it’s mum or dad spitting their annual leave between them which can be hard on families to then find quality time altogether, or if it’s leaning on the support network around you – it’s the time of year when many people have to do this so try not to feel bad about it. And besides, if you’re the one taking time off, you’ll be too busy working out how to keep everyone happy at home – read more here.

Day camps

Often staffed by university students looking to earn a few pounds during the holidays, day camps can be private or council run. They are a good way to expose your children to new experiences and get them out meeting others and having fun. However, they don’t always end late enough – some finish at 4pm or thereabouts, leaving you with additional childcare to organise if you can’t get back by then.

Summer courses

Is your darling an aspiring Annie, an undiscovered Billy Elliott or the next Andy Murray? Then you could always try a weekly camp that teaches them a new skill or helps them to grow in confidence in an area they might be interested in. Again, think who will pick the kids up if you can’t: could you work flexibly for the month of August so you go in earlier and leave earlier? We feel it’s always worth discussing options with your employer as if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Childminder cover

If you already use a childminder after school hours, you could ask them to have your offspring for longer periods. Or they may be able to drop off or pick up the kids from any day camps that you book. Many childminders are willing to take on additional children in the summer months depending on their ratios, so if you don’t currently use one, it’s always worth asking around your area – community social sites are good for finding recommendations like this.

If you’re still finding juggling the juggling hard work, you could consider a more flexible career role. Perhaps you’d like to work fewer hours or compress your working hours into fewer days? Or maybe you could explore a job share option where you’re currently employed?

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