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Returners Rule! A whole world of untapped talent.

Ever found your career cruising along smoothly? You've got your sights set on that next big promotion or exciting project, and everyone around you is giving you a pat on the back. Your work isn't just a job; it's a significant part of who you are and what fulfils you. But then, out of nowhere, it all screeches to a halt.

Maybe it's a sudden illness in the family, or perhaps those long-dreamed-of plans for adoption finally come through. It could even be the arrival of a beautiful new addition to your family (or two!), or dealing with a health issue that requires you to hit pause on your career for a while.

No matter the reason, taking a break from your career throws up a whole bunch of challenges, especially when you're itching to jump back in where you left off!

Here's the thing: too many employers out there would rather hire someone who's currently in a similar role than offer a bit of time and support to a "returner," even though returners often bring a wealth of additional skills, experience, and fresh perspectives to the table.

We've just wrapped up our 'Returner Month,' where we got to spend time with a fantastic group of talented professionals who took a breather from their successful careers and are now eager to dive back into challenging roles that can make the most of their many skills.

Throughout February, we hosted weekly webinars addressing a wide range of topics relevant to those who've taken a career break:

  • Getting the Right Mindset: Many returners struggle with confidence after being away from the workplace.
  • Practicalities of Finding a New Job Post-Break: Especially crucial for those with longer breaks, as the job market and recruitment processes are ever-changing.
  • Changing Career Direction Post-Break: Returning after a break often prompts people to reconsider their career paths, and many successfully transition to different roles.
  • Key Questions: From explaining resume gaps to crafting skills-based CVs, there's a lot to consider depending on individual circumstances.

It's clear that many individuals who've taken career breaks feel overlooked, but we know they just need a chance to shine—and trust us, they never disappoint!

What's fascinating is that whether someone took a three-month break to travel or an eight-year hiatus to raise a family, the issues they face upon return are remarkably similar—they feel out of touch, lack confidence, and are unsure how to market their skills.

But here's the good news: with just a bit of employer support, these hurdles can be easily overcome, and businesses can reap the rewards of fantastic skills from committed employees.

Our experience has shown us that career break candidates:

  • Get up to Speed Quickly: On average, within just 12 weeks!
  • Gain Confidence: Especially in a supportive environment.
  • Offer Diverse Skills and Experience: Often enhanced during their break.
  • Are Extremely Loyal and Committed: They appreciate being given a chance.

Returners are a goldmine of untapped talent, and guess what? We've got a direct line to them. If you're curious about how a Returner could benefit your business, get in touch today.


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