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Employers: Why Work with a Recruitment Consultant?

If you’re wondering why you should use a recruitment consultant or if it’s worth the investment, we’re happy to say there are lots of business benefits.

Here at flexible recruiter Ten2Two, we know more than most why a local recruitment consultant can make excellent business sense for employers seeking to employ great talent.

Find Top Talent  

When you need an employee with a specific range of skills and expertise, where do you look? How do you find and attract top talent? A main benefit of recruitment consultancies is that as an employer, you will have an expert intermediary who will search and find the best talent that’s a good fit for your business.

If you work with a local recruitment consultant like Ten2Two, you have access to a unique community of local experienced professionals – over 50% of our local registered ‘members are not active in the job market or registered elsewhere.

Save Time and Resources

The recruiter can take care of the entire hiring process, as well as offer expert advice and guidance throughout. Your recruitment agency can advertise a vacancy for you and, importantly, screen the candidates who apply for your role. And if the right people with the right skills aren’t immediately obvious, they can take your vacancy one step further, by approaching other suitable candidates directly, saving you or your HR department precious time and resources.

A main point of difference here at Ten2Two is how we work ‘in real life’ and not just online. We spend time getting to know our candidates, so you don’t have to. We talk, meet, facilitate, support and advise, as well as operate in local areas, networking with local businesses and community organisations.

Gain Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Recruiters are immersed in the hiring process and the right one can have lots of experience in your sector. It means they’re ideally placed to help businesses make educated decisions when it comes to employing new staff. And when your recruitment is done professionally, it will show your company in its best light – after all, not every business has an in-house specialist recruiter.

Fast Track The Interview Process

A recruitment consultant will screen candidates for you and help you to identify a good match for your business. They will provide a shortlist of available talent to send for interview. Once you’re in agreement as to the potential candidates, the recruiter can help to plan interviews and send out details to the candidates, following up with feedback for both parties.

You can get useful insight into whether a candidate is interested in a role and find out what aspects of the role they mention post interview. This can help you to prepare for second interviews which a recruiter will also arrange and, if they’re good, they can even help you to prepare questions for it. If a candidate has questions, the recruiter can also field these. All of this can save your business valuable time and money.

Define Salary Expectations

When you’re hiring, a main frustration for employers is in the final stages, getting down to making a job offer, only to find out that you and the candidate are on completely different pages when it comes to salary and benefits expectations. A recruitment consultant can ensure you’re both in agreement as to what’s on the table before this happens.

Recruiters are very skilled at negotiating and sorting out renumeration packages, including company benefits. Most employees increasingly want a level of flexible working in their role, so if that’s the case, a recruiter will know this and be able to have these conversations with you. They will work hard to make sure everyone is happy with a final outcome.

Avoid a Bad Hire

Recruitment consultants also know what to look for when it comes to avoiding a bad hire. They know who is looking for work, how capable they are and what their salary expectation might be. A good recruiter also knows about your expectations – they will make it their business to find out what an employer’s needs and goals are in order to help to identify talent that’s literally up to the job.

The REC says that a bad hire – say, someone of mid-manager level person with a salary of £42,000 – can cost a business more than £132,000 due to the accumulation of costs relating to training and lost productivity. But even more than that, when you make a successful hire, you can avoid creating any negativity amongst existing staff, as the wrong person can have a knock on effect, leading to low morale and a higher staff turnover.

Find Local Top Talent…Fast!

A good recruiter will know how to get your position in front of relevant candidates.

If you market a vacancy yourself, you may find it hard to get your job advert seen by high-calibre employees – but also people who are local enough to be able to work the role.

The recruiter’s knowledge of local talent will come into its own in this instance. Particularly as you may also have to wade through lots of CVs that simply aren’t up to standard. This takes time and can be quite frustrating if you fail to find the talent you’re looking for.

A local recruiter like Ten2Two can use their in-depth knowledge of the candidate market to seek out individuals with whom they have established relationships and approach them on your behalf. Some people may not actively be looking for a new role but your vacancy could be the one that tempts them to make a move. If your role requires niche skills, you can find qualified candidates in no time at all. Moreover, your next employee will usually be readily available on your doorstep and have an initial understanding of your business before they walk through the door to a potential interview.

Promote your Business Locally

A key factor for using a local recruiter is that they will have in-depth knowledge of both your business and the local candidate market. They may even be able to sell your business to a potential candidate in a way that you may not!

Here at Ten2Two, we find there are benefits for local businesses that the employers themselves may not even have thought of. We will also challenge your remuneration package if we don’t feel it is market-led. And we are certainly up to speed on what’s happening in the local market in terms of wages and employee benefits.

As you can see, there are lots of short-term and long-term benefits to using a recruitment consultant. But when you use a local recruitment consultant, you can guarantee a more personal, knowledgeable service. If you go looking further afield, you may find that candidates are initially interested until they realise the commuting distances involved and the cost that this would incur. You may also find the quality of candidates varies as well.

Get in touch with today and let us help you fill your next vacancy. Or if you’re just starting out on the hiring process and would like a chat, we’d love to hear from you. In the meantime, good luck with the recruitment process.

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