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Stand out employers offer flexibility in the workplace

When you are a flexible employer and offer flexibility in the workplace as a worker’s right, rather than a company benefit to be used at discretion, you can revolutionise your position as an employer of choice.

According to the Flexible & Proud Report, there are many employers who actively recruit by offering flexible working at the outset. And they do so in order to stand apart from the competition and attract the best talent out there. After all, some might say a business is only as good as the people running it.

Flexibility in the workplace, works

Prestige Private Finance, based in Mayfair, London, are one such flexible employer who recognises that flexibility in the workplace is now as important as basic salary. And they also take the view that flexible working often has a bigger impact on job satisfaction that more conventional benefits such as shares, bonus schemes and pensions.

Their founder, David Jackson, knew he wanted to bring greater flexibility into the world of finance, thereby breaking the stigma and guilt that is often associated with being working parents – or an employee who has interests outside of the workplace (often known as a side-hustle these days in creative circles!).

With great vision, Prestige set itself apart as a stand out employer by proving to be an innovative start-up with an entrepreneurial culture that encouraged sociable, flexible working hours. Coupled with the latest technology allowing employees to be genuinely mobile, remote working has assisted with effecting this flexible outlook.

David says, “Prestige Private Finance attracts an exceptional talent pool, providing an unrivalled service for its clients. In return, year-on-year we are enjoying greater productivity and an ever-increasing bottom line.” No complains about flexibility in the workplace there.

Stand out as an employer of choice

Labrums law firm in St Albans, Hertfordshire, embraces flexible working in a number of ways that they say are positive for the business, setting them apart as an employer of choice. The Flexible & Proud Report tells how Labrums embraces flexible working in a number of ways, including through remote workers, mobile working, flexible hours and greater flexibility for customers.

At the heart of this lies technology, so clients and employees can look at documents easily online and work more effectively in the digital space, accessing important files securely, anywhere they happen to be. They cite initiatives such as being a paperless office and implementing good procedures as empowering employees to focus on their jobs to get excellent business results.

Attract talent, for less than you might expect

Sherrards law firm is another flexible employer who also know the benefits of flexible working. They have found excellent recruits through Ten2Two’s flexible recruitment service, offering them a cost-effective and simple way to find professional talent.

If you’d like to learn more about how flexibility in the workplace could help your business attract talent and ease the recruitment process, please contact flexible recruitment agency Ten2Two today. We’d love to hear from you.

You can see the full Flexible & Proud Report here.

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