We all thought January would be different, but it wasn’t to be and it’s looking like lockdown could be with us for some time, meaning that recruiting in these challenging times becomes more problematic.

On the upside, we now have vaccines being rolled out, companies planning to maintain their position or grow and the job market is picking up. But recruiting in these challenging times can still seem daunting.


We’ve been talking to our clients across all sectors and there seem to be a few common dilemmas that are emerging:

  1. Businesses are surviving, having some good and some bad days.
  2. Businesses are maintaining their position and holding steady.
  3. Businesses are busy and need resources but are short on cash and time.
  4. Businesses are busy but staff are furloughed or on unpaid leave to cover school education or childcare.
  5. Businesses are busy but staff are off sick or caring for sick relatives.
  6. Businesses are busy, staff still learning to cope with new ways of working whilst home-schooling.

Recognise any of these?  Here are some thoughts:

Surviving, some good and some bad days

Here is where collaboration with like-minded business people and drawing on mentors can help keep motivation high and inspire planning.  Many businesses look to a part-time FD or non-exec Director to help navigate and plan for the future. Having access to a senior right-hand person, even just a few days a month, can make all the difference.

Maintaining and holding steady

Find time to plan, ensure your processes and systems are up to scratch for when business growth returns.  Evaluate your staffing strategy.  Refocusing or redeploying existing resources, alongside a flexible approach to finding new people when necessary, will aid efficiency and effectiveness.  Think about hiring your next recruit on a part-time basis to lower ongoing costs. Considering flexible options can provide real benefits for businesses. 

Busy but short on cash and time; staff furloughed, sick or under pressure.

Business leaders need to keep the wheels turning but  they also need to make sure that staff (and themselves) don’t burn out trying to manage too much.  We know from experience that the prolonged duration of the pandemic has meant that some leaders and employees have been working under intense pressure with little respite for nearly a year.

This is where thinking differently about resourcing can help.  You don’t always need a permanent full- time person to fill a resourcing gap.  Recruiting talented professionals on an interim, temporary or contract basis can get a business over a hump in work, an unexpected resignation or a gap in resourcing.

  • You can save cash flow and recruitment costs by not committing to a long-term permanent position.
  • You can flex your resourcing by function increasing or decreasing the amount of hours allocated to match business demands.
  • You can pick and choose the number of hours you need and pay for in line with demand.
  • You can lose the hassle and time commitment of the search, selection and HR management which is all handled by the agency.

Wherever your business is at and whatever your resourcing dilemma, there is a solution. Recruiting in challenging times is daunting, but we can help.

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