Recruiting part time and flexible professionals

Watch John O’Sullivan, Co-founder and Director, talking about how businesses can benefit from flexible working and how Ten2Two, a flexible working recruitment agency, can help.

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A Flexible Working Recruitment Agency with a difference

We act as a specialist recruitment agency to help you find the right flexible and part-time resource for your business. Whether you need great experience on an affordable part-time basis; an interim or contract professional to fill a gap or complete a project; or a freelancer to use their specialist skills for a few hours, Ten2Two can show you how.

We’re a recruitment agency but a very different one. We’re local and offer a tailored alternative to enormous, faceless recruitment agencies where everything is conducted online. We also recognise that service, expertise and time-saving are big plusses, next to our unique community of part-time professionals.

Find out how we work and how we can support you through the entire flexible recruitment process, from assisting with the creation of a job profile to following up after the start date to make sure it’s all working out well.

If you’re unclear about the benefits of flexibility when it comes to part-time resourcing, take a look at our recent ‘Flexible and Proud‘ report and our range of client company case studies and testimonials. If you’re not sure what flexible working pattern would work for you, here is a quick run through the most popular options. Our clients often like to talk through their flexible and part-time resource needs. They often seek our advice on what option, hours, salary and type of person they need and we love to help.

Click here to find your closest Ten2Two team or if you prefer to speak directly to our Head Office, please call on 01442 503 727 or email.

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