Win-win with Part-Time


We love and promote flexibility but our biggest success stories have come from organisations utilising part-time as a tool to grow their business cost-effectively without any compromise on the talent they recruit.

Part-time Growth The Perfect Match

Your business probably fits in one of the scenarios below. Each requires experienced managers and professionals with the talent and experience that makes a difference. But this comes at a salary that may be prohibitive. A part-time option delivers a wider pool of talent at lower cost:

Successful small enterprise

Building out our first executive leadership team

e.g. your first experienced Marketing Director

Funded fast-growing company

Crafting our management team below the Founders & Directors

e.g. your first Financial Controller

Evolving established organisation

Creating new roles and attracting fresh talent

e.g. adding a transformation leader

Affordable Talent

See for yourself. Choosing four days a week reduces a full time salary by 20% but still offers 80% of a week. Move the slider to check the savings:

Cost-benefits of part-time
Salary Saving:
  1. One day a week


  2. Two days a week


  3. Three days a week


  4. Four days a week


  5. Five days a week


Our clients sometimes compare a more junior person on full-time hours versus a much more experienced person working three or four days a week for the same salary cost. It might not work for all roles but experience brings real advantages to a job and a team.

…With Extra Benefits

It’s proven that experienced part-time professionals offer greater benefits for your recruitment and your team.


Broader pool of candidates


Diverse thinking and skills


Improved retention


Faster onboarding


Productive earlier


More independent

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