How we work

Here at Ten2Two, we see ourselves as far more than a flexible recruitment agency – we give businesses real value for money, along with brilliant time-saving resource and invaluable local expertise.

  • We can handle the search and flexible recruitment process from beginning to end so you don’t have to spend time advertising, sorting applications, screening and administering candidates, saving you precious time in your working day.
  • We offer access to our unique member community of over 20,000 flexible working professionals
  • Our focused approach enables you to recruit the right person quickly when you need them, rather than employing an informal, slow and unstructured approach that can hold your business back.
  • We use our knowledge of our candidate community and our expertise in part-time and flexible working patterns to help you secure the right person, working the hours your business needs at the right cost – and we’ll point you in the right direction on employment terms and conditions and offer letters.
  • Unlike most other recruitment agencies, we’re local to your business and as part of the local business and residential communities, we know and understand the environment you and your employees live and work in – check out our local recruitment agencies here.

We also offer flexible working consultancy, advice on returnship programmes and conduct regular research in the field of flexible working.



Our Fees

For permanent and contract placements, we generally charge an agreed percentage of the first year salary (or part of the year in the case of fixed term contractors). It’s important to note that we calculate our fees on the actual hours your new person works rather than a full-time equivalent so the fee is pro rata’d just like the salary.

We are happy to give you a firm quote based on your requirements. Fees are inclusive of the support detailed above and we’ll demonstrate that in most cases, opting for a flexible professional will attract better candidates and save you money over its full-time equivalent. Even after our fees are taken into account. It’s just one more way that our flexible recruitment agency can help you.

Important Note: There’s no risk and no catch in working with us. If we don’t find the right person for your business you don’t pay our fee.
For project people and freelancers, there are several ways to engage the people and we will agree a fair fee based on the type and length of project and the hours worked.

Your business will find lots of rewards for using our flexible recruitment agency. But in line with the rest of the sector, we offer a structured fee rebate should your new candidate not work out. However, we’ve only needed to do that once in seven years but it’s there if you need it. Our standard terms and conditions apply and we’ll take you through that before you formally engage our flexible recruitment agency.