About Us

Ten2Two is a recruitment company specialising in flexible and part-time working.

We believe we offer a different proposition to most recruitment businesses – in fact many of our clients don’t view us as a traditional recruitment agency. Read more about our difference.


For local businesses, big and small, we deliver a simple but compelling offer:

Part-time professionals.
Rich Talent.
Affordable Cost.

We act as a flexible and part-time recruitment agency for our clients. We can help you find talented part-time professionals to cost-effectively grow and improve your business.

For professionals seeking rewarding flexible and part-time work, we deliver the solution many have been looking for:

Drop kids off.
Have a career.
Pick kids up.

We help people find rewarding professional part-time work, during hours that meet their professional and personal needs. Think of us like a flexible and part-time recruitment agency, even though we aim to be much more than that alone.

We invite you to take a look around our site to see whether we’re the right organisation for you. Don’t hesitate to contact your local team or the gang at HQ.


We help local businesses find affordable talented high-calibre professionals who can work flexibly. And we help professionals find rewarding, flexible jobs that uses their skills and experience.

In 2007 we recognised a growing business need for a flexible and part-time recruitment agency. A recruitment agency with affordable resources and an untapped local pool of talented people. We identified that so many highly skilled professionals were missing out in the workplace because they found it too hard to return to work after children or because they needed a job with greater flexibility in their lives.

We set up Ten2Two to successfully connect professionals with local businesses by developing and supporting a unique local community of skilled workers, whilst at the same time engaging with local business communities. In this way, we have raised awareness of the benefits or professional part-time employees, by helping businesses to find the skilled people they need.