Flexible Working


Flexible Working:
It’s got to be a Win-Win.

Over 8 million people in the UK work part-time. Over 4 million people regularly work from home. In 2014, the right to request flexible working was extended to over 20 million people employed in the UK.

Big numbers. And the numbers are growing. In recent government sponsored research ‘professional flexible working’ was highlighted as an area that would experience significant growth in the next 10 years as businesses plan their resources around the specific – and increasingly flexible – needs of the business (rather than more full-time people as a default) and as people seek more flexibility in their working and personal lives. Indeed much of the research around Generation ‘Y’ and the new ‘Millennials’ shows the emerging professionals seeing workplace flexibility as automatic rather than a desired element of their day to day jobs.

But it’s not in the numbers; it’s in the planning and delivery that flexible working works. Recognise your needs, understand what hours, format and location works for you as a business or as a professional, be flexible and open in your approach and take advantage of all the benefits flexible working has to offer.

Businesses Win.

If you’re a business, there is a flexible working format that will work for 95% of roles in your organisation. Whether you’re a start-up, small or large company, growing or stable, flexible working can help your business become more profitable, productive and a better place to work.

Take a look at these scenarios and see if you recognise your business need.

You can also compare your situation with some of our clients‘ and see how they’ve tackled their need for flexibility.

Professionals Win.

If you’re a professional seeking greater flexibility, there’s a flexible format that enables you to continue your career whilst balancing your personal commitments.

If you’re not sure what flexible working pattern is right for you, discover some of the most common scenarios – you’ll probably find something that matches your situation and we’d love you to find out more by exploring this site.

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