When it comes to recruiting trends for business, it goes without saying that it’s so important to have the right people in place to help you meet your business objectives for the decade ahead. As we march into a new decade, now’s the ideal time to take a long-term view of your business capabilities to ensure success in 2020.

We explore recent and future recruiting trends and how you can be recruitment ready for 2020 and beyond.


The rise in flexible working

The last ten years have seen many changes in the workplace, including increased advances in office tech, the introduction of remote working platforms, shared work spaces, hot desking and of course, the introduction of flexible working legislation. Tied into this is greater support for mental wellbeing at work; the “Time to Talk” campaign has seen everyone from royalty to workplaces opening up the conversation about mental health.

In addition, the introduction of the 2014 Flexible Working Regulations means that every employee with 26 weeks’ continuous employment has a right to request flexible working. Shared Parental Leave recognises the fact that dads have a greater role in rearing their children than in previous generations. Plus many are calling for more flexibility to be offered at the point of hiring – see the ‘Happy to Talk Flexible Working’ campaign from WorkingFamilies.org.uk.

With recognition that flexible working is key to keeping women in the workplace post starting a family, there is a view that greater flexibility will also help to close the gender pay gap. This is being reviewed by the main political parties and we expect to see more done to help employees find flexible work as the years advance.

The future of UK workplaces

Current UK government research indicates among the 13 most influential business trends impacting the UK workplace for 2030 include growing age, gender, ethnic diversity in the labour force, increased desire for a better work-life balance and greater need for flexibility in the work environment.

In terms of recruiting trends for business, this means employers will also need support to ensure flexibility can be implemented in the best way possible for their organisation. Here at Ten2Two, we offer flexible working consultancy to assist with this. At a top level, employers who explore returnships, investing in technology and ways to support working mothers and fathers stand to gain the most here.

Recruiting trends for business success in 2020

With the REC reporting there is still low candidate availability for roles this year, it will be crucial for businesses to proactively attract and retain talent across the board. Good employee engagement programmes will be vital, as well as PR that shouts about a positive workplace culture. Flexible working must play its part here, as a benefit for the many, not just the few.

From staggered hours to compressed hours, 9-day fortnights and 4 day weeks, we know that when you’re recruiting for business, the important thing is to focus on a candidate’s skillset and not the way they will carry out the work. Presenteeism won’t drive business success in the future – measuring output and productivity, however, will.

A research study from Harvard business school in 2019 confirms that, ‘Companies that let their workers decide where and when to do their jobs – whether in another city or in the middle of the night – increase employee productivity, reduce turnover, and lower organisational costs’.

There are lots of experienced professionals out there, but finding them is the key. If you offer flexibility, you can attract these professionals and find untapped talent, as well as keep current employees happy and enthused about their place of work. As the visionary Bill Gates pointed out recently: “The competition to hire the best will increase in the years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.”

If you’d like to discuss your recruitment needs for 2020 today, please contact Ten2Two. We’re a flexible and part-time recruitment agency with countless local and experienced professionals on our books, all seeking their next career move.

Many of these professionals aren’t registered anywhere else either. So if you’re worried about a shortage of talent this year, we strongly advise you to think flexibly. Here’s to a successful and productive business year ahead.


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