Dear Members

Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm at last Tuesday’s Ten2Two Confidence Workshop. We came away inspired by your determination to find that perfect role and we hope to find it for you!

If you have identified your skills, re-written your CV, conquered your gremlins, faced down your impostor syndrome, bought a new suit, had your headshot done and practised your Power Pose, you are indeed ready!

If however, you feel that you need a bit more help in any of the areas we covered during the workshop, we have attached all our partner’s details below and copied them on this mail. Please do follow up by contacting them independently to request their help.

If you would like more help from Ten2Two here are our next free events to put in your diaries:

March 9th Member networking – 10.00 – 12.00 at the Holiday Inn London-Gatwick Airport Povey Cross Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 0BA, United Kingdom

March 16th Member networking – 10-12 at the Withdean Stadium, Tongdean Lane, Brighton BN1 5JD*

Member networking involves a 1:1 with one of the Ten2Two team for you to tell us what your perfect role would be. We get to know you better and you get the opportunity to network with us and other individuals in the same job search

March 21st CV and Interview Techniques – Brighton venue tbc

The Ten2Two team will go into more depth regarding re-engineering your CV specifically looking at the personal profile and the skills based element we started at the Confidence workshop.

Role play to equip you with interview techniques will also be explored

Finally a reminder about a partner event that Ten2Two are involved with and currently promoting:

The Mums Enterprise Roadshow Feb 23rd

The Amex Stadium

Register here:

We look forward to seeing you all again soon

Kind regards Emma, Donna, Sharon and Hannah

The Ten2Two Team

Our Workshop Partner’s details:

Claire Brewer Photography

Please visit our website at to see Claire’s photographs of the Confidence workshop
07843 629525

Like and follow on:
FB: clairebrewerphotogaphy
Twitter: cbphotos
Instagram: clairebrewerphotography

Hilary Lees, CPCC, ACC

Essence Coaching

Career & Leadership Coach

Tel: 01580 752497



Jane Mather

Makeup Artist & Image Consultant

Mobile: 07906 505148

Website address is:





23 18 12 10  5 25

Hilary Ellis and Lisa Westbury Career Garden

Phone Hilary on 07758 102651 or
Lisa on 07813 934084


Five top tips from Career Garden for building your self

Self-confidence comes from knowing who you are, what you want and why you want it – and also from knowing who you are not and what you don’t want.

With this self-knowledge, you can make choices based on what is important to you and just as importantly influence, communicate and negotiate with other people out there in the world.

Our sense of confidence is also expressed through and affected by our body: even our posture can impact the levels of stress hormones and adrenalin in our bodies – helping us feel more or less confident.

So here are Career Garden’s   top tips for boosting your self-confidence:

  1.  Imagine success – Before an important event (like giving a presentation, an important meeting or an interview) close your eyes, and vividly imagine yourself knowing what you want to achieve, feeling totally confident and succeeding brilliantly. Bring all your senses into play. Our minds don’t know the difference between something VIVIDLY imagined and something real. You’ll be opening up the possibility for success by acting “as-if” you are confident. To help embed your feeling of confidence – is there a ritual, an image, an object or a piece of jewellery/clothing that you can use in the future to bring you back to this moment of feeling confident?
  2.  In almost any situation, preparation can help boost your confidence. Have to give a speech? Practice it several times, record yourself, and listen. Fail safely and learn from your first attempts. Ask a trusted friend for feedback. Meeting people for the first time? Check individuals and their organisations out on the internet, and check their social media profiles as well. It will help you get a sense of who they are, what they do and what’s important to them.
  3. As part of your preparation – strike a power pose! Scientific research has shown that standing tall and strong with your hands in the air (like a wining athelete) for just two minutes will give you an instant confidence boost—you might even want to invent your own power pose!
  4.  Remember your values – these are what’s really important to you and what makes you who you are. Bring together your strengths, skills, mission, and impact on others into one place – a visual, gesture or written list. These are what keep you strong and on track. Every meeting or interview is a two way discovery process when you seek to be true to yourself and find alignment with them, rather than persuade people you are someone you are not!

Ask your gremlin to stand down – if your gremlins or saboteurs are particularly noisy and insistent, pay attention to their message. These are often old “programmes” which are unskilfully trying to help or protect us. When you know what it’s purpose is, re-negotiate with it so that a stronger


For the month of February we are giving away a bottle of Bodegas Santa Ana Argentinean Malbec to any reservation ordering two or more of our Sussex reared Dexter rib-eye steaks.

The offer applies on any weekday evening except Valentines night.

To book a table you can pop in,

E-mail us

Or call 01273 843595

Please mention this offer when making your reservation.

Look forward to seeing you here soon

Paul and the team


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