“Candidates put forward by Ten2Two have always been a great fit”

“We have worked with Ten2Two for a number of years now, as their ethos fits well with our focus on work-life balance and diversity. In that time, they have a placed a number of excellent candidates, all of whom remain with the business.

We are a fast-growing business, driven by a talented team of committed individuals and the candidates put forward by Ten2Two have always been a great fit.

Working with Ten2Two has been enjoyable as they really get to know us and their candidates which enables them to suggest great matches. With our most recent position, we were able to work closely not only to fill a role that was new to the company but to shape it to get the most from this new position.

Thank you to Jo and the wider team for your ongoing support.”

“Our productivity has increased sharply”

“As a result of our experience, we have restructured the business and offer all our team the opportunity to work flexible hours, and from home or the office. Our productivity has increased sharply, the commitment and enthusiasm from everyone is noticeably higher and we are all happier and a good deal less stressed.”

“Ten2Two are unique…”

“In my opinion, Ten2Two Kent are unique and are able to attract highly motivated, qualified professionals who are not well served in the traditional recruiting environment. I would urge any business owner or manager to try Ten2Two Kent and their talent pool!”

“…thrilled with the service”

“We are really thrilled with the service we have received from the team at Ten2Two Kent, we are a local family run business so getting the team right was critical for the growth of our business. Having used your service three times now for an office manager, Company accountant, and finance administrator, I would not hesitate in returning to Ten2Two Kent for any new team member we might require.”

“…Our automatic go-to recruiters”

“All of our last three recruits have been sourced via Ten2Two Kent, who are now our automatic go-to recruiters. They have a pool of outstanding talent that we have drawn from and I am delighted with the quality of the candidates we selected. They have truly changed the dynamics of my team for the better.”

“Local talent…”

We wanted to tap into the local talent pool of professionals that had, for one reason or another, taken a career break and were looking to get back into employment. We approached Ten2Two Kent to help us in this search. They were meticulous in assessing our requirements and searching for the ideal candidates for us to interview.


The support and the services of the Ten2Two Kent team have been invaluable in my return to work and change of career direction. Focused and professional, yet always friendly and approachable, Ten2Two Kent are an excellent recruiter and careers advisor, who are totally in tune with their clientele and the current employment market.