At Ten2Two we offer a very simple solution to what we know is a very common problem. A shortage of good candidates. Our unique community of experienced professionals are looking to add value to local business but are looking for some flexibility in return. This can be as little as a 9 day fortnight or working locally instead of commuting, or something more specific like a 3 day week. We have a fast growing, unique community who are helping businesses solve their hiring problems. They often offer some added extra in terms of skill and experience that the hiring budget would normally achieve. Its a win win for everyone. Here Kirsteen Allen Director,  tells us how the Ten2Two solution would work in your business.


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Flexible working requests – what to consider


Whether you’ve had a flexible working request and you’ve just approved it, or whether you’re considering hiring a flexible employee, you should know that flexibility doesn’t have to last forever. For a professional working mum, flexible working can be a lifeline to keep careers on track as they seek to balance their home and work […]

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The life cycle of professional working mums


The lifecycle of a professional mum goes way beyond the first eighteen years of a child’s life. With predictions that many of us will be working into our seventies, it’s always good to look at the bigger picture when it comes to your career. We explore how your children’s needs change over time and what […]

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Should I go self-employed?


We’re told top talent is scarce to find at the moment. As a flexible recruiter, we have lots of brilliant professional talent on our books. But not everyone can find the part-time employment or flexibility they’re seeking as they care for children or ageing parents. 1. Going self-employed to find flexibility For those working mums […]