What are Returnships and how can they benefit my company?

Return to work

Returnships are a relatively new concept. They are similar to internships for experienced executives and professionals returning to the workplace having taken an extended career break.

Returnships are increasing in popularity as companies discover how older and more experienced executives help increase diversity, improve staff retention and employee loyalty and encourage more diversity of thought. In the UK, it is estimated that over a half a million professional women are on extended career breaks for caring reasons and 75% want to return to work.

Ten2Two work with local businesses to design and deliver returnships that offer flexibility in the local workplace. Our unique ‘Springboard Programme’ is designed to help local businesses recruit high calibre local professionals quickly and effortlessly. Deborah O’Sullivan, Managing Director of Ten2Two says, “Returnships are great for businesses as they can help companies find brilliant talent that they’d struggle to get elsewhere. But for candidates, flexibility is still a key requirement of any new role.”

If you’re a business and you’d like to find out more about recruiting returners via Ten2Two’s ‘Springboard Programme’, please call 01442 503 727.