Flexible Growth

We love working with Peak Analysis and Automation, a Farnborough based business specialising in the supply of their own product range of robotic work cells, laboratory robots and scheduling software to automate a variety of applications in the fields of life and physical sciences.

Lucky seven

Having very recently taken on their SEVENTH part-time professional through Ten2Two, Mike Collins, FD, said at one interview “We have to say all three candidates that you offered to PAA were outstanding!”

Growing the Marketing Team

With a client list that includes GSK, L’Oréal and Novartis to name but a few, PAA are going from strength to strength.  They now have 3 in their marketing team, all part-time (one role is cover for a maternity leave), which brings a mix of different but complimentary skills.  This also means that PAA now have a much wider pool of knowledge and experience in their marketing team than they may have had is the was only one full-time person in the role.  

Supporting Procurement and Logistics, 20 hours a week

Mike also recognised that with the growth of the business, procurement and logistics would benefit from additional resource, but that a full-time role would be hard to justify.  Finding someone experienced in their area and ready to hit the ground running meant that 20 hours a week would provide the support needed and not leave anyone twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do next…  

Front-Office cover in peak times only, Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 2.30pm

At the end of 2018 as PAA got busier, sharing front desk duties was becoming harder for the team as a whole and data processing was becoming a task that needed someone dedicated to it in its own right.   

The solution was to combine the two requirements and find someone who could cover the front desk during the busiest part of the day, every day.  9.30 am to 2.30 pm has worked really well for both PAA and the successful candidate.

Bookkeeping for an international import/export business, 3 full days a week

Having helped to find 6 candidates who have met and exceeded their expectations, and become part of the PAA family, Mike contacted us again to see if we could find a candidate to support the bookkeeping. As a business trading globally with import and export, we needed to find experience with complex VAT returns, multiple currencies and associated international number tracking. 

The successful candidate started 2 weeks ago now, and we are looking forward to hearing how she has settled in over the next few weeks….


If you’d like to manage the cost of your business’s growth in this way, find exceptional skills and add extra value over and above your original intention, call for an initial chat on 01252 856862.

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