The Question

One of our many lovely clients is a creative agency just outside of Basingstoke who we’ve worked with before to find office support skills – they came back to us again with a different question this time – could we help them find the senior marketing skills they needed to move them through the next growth phase?

Would we have anyone who was any good who would be looking for a 25 hour a week part-time senior marketing role?

The Answer

Yes and Yes were the answers.  With over 2500 candidates registered within 5 miles of Basingstoke, we knew we would  certainly have some great skills as well as connections for candidates, interested in a part-time senior marketing role.

Successful candidates completed a 10 minute telephone interview, a face to face interview with the business owners and a final presentation with the wider team which allowed the business owners to really hone in on what was important to them for this role going forward.

The Outcome

An offer was made for a very flexible 3 days a week – spread over 2 full office days, 1 part home based day and then the remaining hours to be home worked as needed.

Client is very happy as they have just taken on a very accountable senior marketing professional who will create the stringency and get on with the daily doing’s.

Candidate is super happy as she can get her teeth into what she loves, make a significant different, and still wrap her role around her other commitments.  Without commuting to London.

Job done!

If you have a skill you’d like in your business, a vacancy to fill, or just want to get more for your hiring budget, speak to us today.

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