Recruiting To Achieve Business Growth

If your business is based in or around Farnborough and you want to achieve enviable business growth by hiring the right people, with the right skills, you are in the right place.

As a recruitment agency specialising in flexible and part-time working, we have invested in building a hard-to-reach unique community of over 30,000 experienced professionals seeking quality part-time roles.

The real benefits for business…

We know that there are real benefits for businesses who embrace part-time and flexible working patterns into their teams, including:

  • Access hidden talent:   Flexible recruitment can be a great way to access some of the best talent around at less than the cost of a full-time salary.
  • Cost savings:   Cost savings can be substantial depending on which type of flexible working format suits your business and you don’t have to compromise on talent.
  • Attract more talent:   Taking the budget for a full time role and offering it over 4 days a week will make it work much harder for you by attracting candidates who would otherwise be looking for an FTE higher than you originally budgeted for.


In the Farnborough area…

In and around Farnborough alone we have an exceptional talent pool of over 2300 professional women and men registered with us, looking to us to help them find help them find rewarding flexible roles at mid to senior level, in growing local businesses.

From admin to management to board level experience, in all professions and from across all industries, our candidate base contains an extensive breadth of talent and experience that we can help your business tap into.

Our service…

Our service is local and personalised, managing every step of the flexible recruitment process across executive, management & professional, and business administration recruitment.

We can help you through the entire flexible recruitment process, from assisting with the creation of a job profile, to introducing a new flexible employee,  to following up after the start date to make sure it’s all working out well.

Working patterns…

If you’re not sure what flexible working pattern would work for you, here is a quick run through the most popular options.


Our clients often like to talk through their flexible and part-time resource needs. They often seek our advice on what option, hours, salary and type of person they need and we love to help.

If you’re unclear about the benefits of flexibility when it comes to part-time resourcing, take a look at our recent ‘Flexible and Proud‘ report and our range of client company case studies and testimonials.

Our fees…

We’re happy to give you a firm quote based on your requirements, and to discuss with you what is included and how our fees are calculated.

Don’t just take our word for it…

…the candidates were great, thank you. We have a stand out winner!

CEO, marine industry, Farnborough.


To speak to one of the team in the Farnborough area, call 01252 856862 or email

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