Work Life Balance: What Employers Need to Know To Make it Work

Interested in improving your Work Life balance or creating a happier and more productive business environment for your employees?  Listen to a ‘BT in good company’ podcast about ‘The work-life balancing act“.

Kate Russell interviews our Ten2Two’s Deborah O’Sullivan, leading UK expert on flexible working, along with well-being entrepreneur Laura Fullerton from Fitty London, and Nathan Ampofo and Edward Boon both flexible working employers.

They discuss how to create a happy workforce and how employers can use flexible working and technology to boost productivity and innovation and grow their own businesses.

They also suggest ideas for employees on how to manage their time to achieve a better work life balance.

You can read more into our Ten2Two research on “How flexible working leads to happy employees” and how a happy work environment where employers respect and try to balance family and work commitments leads to higher rates of retention and engagement among employees, and helps employers stand out from the crowd when recruiting new talent.