We are delighted to have recently embarked on our biggest marketing campaign so far in Hampshire. Inventively introducing ourselves to lots more local companies. And helping as many as we can to find their next perfect, part-time employee.


Working with Vanessa Lanham-Day of On Track Marketing has been enormous fun, sometimes quite a revelation but ultimately very inspiring!  She has definitely made us think differently about all things Marketing.

And as she has taught us, all effective marketing begins with proper client analysis.

Our thanks to

Reliance High Tech – Winnersh (In-house lawyer, 10 hours a week),

Osprey Consulting – Herriard (Finance Controller, 15 years industry experience) and

ChangeQuest – Minley (2 * Course and Office Administrators, excellent all-round skills)

for their time and patience and for sharing why they used Ten2Two, how they had heard about us, and how we were able to help them.

Introducing Ten2Two

From this information and with Vanessa’s help, we are now posting out a tasty and (hopefully!) clever gift. The gift comes with a fab introduction letter to a number of key people in organisations of varying sizes, both in turnover and employee numbers.  It’s our way of saying hello in a style that might be harder to forget, and less annoying than a cold call/email. Whilst being completely relevant and interesting at the same time. If one of our gifts arrives on your desk you can tell us if we’ve got it right!

So far we have had some extremely positive responses – lots of companies very keen to chat to us about future requirements and about what Ten2Two offers.  It’s great to see so many companies embracing the idea of flexible working.  Of course, there is always the other side of the coin.  We have had one very strong negative reaction to the marketing campaign which we have found fascinating. It’s surprising how marketing can have such diverse reactions.

It wasn’t enough to put us off our stride though – more gifts are in the post!

We’re really looking forward to bringing our candidates even more part-time positions over the next few months.


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