North Hampshire Partnerships

At Ten2Two, we recognise our specialism is helping you to find flexible work or a local, part-time job which suits your skills. But as we’re sure you’ve gathered we’re more than a recruitment agency and also try to foster a culture of personal development and build a community of peers. We have built (and continue to grow) partnerships with other local specialists and like-minded organisations who we think our candidates might be interested in. Here are details of some of our trusted local partners.

Jane BuswellTrading since 2003, Jane Buswell has brought her marketing expertise to literally hundreds of businesses  – mostly in Hampshire. Her expertise is in identifying a stand-out-from-the-crowd approach to marketing.  Day to day she supports company owners who need ideas and practical help with their marketing tactics; their social media approach and the writing of materials and blog posts. She also trains individuals and groups in these and related subjects.

Are you a Ten2Two client? You can get Jane’s services at a discount. Just get in touch via her website

Taking Care of BusinessTen2two Business partner

Ursula Tavender, creator of Taking Care of Business, offers online and in house training and consultancy on how to introduce flexibility and how to use that flexibility to make your business a stand out employer of choice.

Through a bespoke combination of consultancy, training and toolkits, Ursula helps business to :

  • Ask and truly understand what your people want and need to do their best work.
  • Design all roles with flexibility that meets the needs of your people and the business.
  • Overcome the barriers and fears that stand in the way of widespread, out-in-the-open flexible working.
  • Move towards a culture of judging performance based on output over hours worked.
  • Build a communications strategy to tell new truths and create a new reality where flexible working is not just for mums – but for EVERYONE.
  • Engage, equip and enable your people to confidently build incredible relationships based on trust and brilliant communication.
  • Empower your teams to build a high-performing, flexible culture in which everyone feels included and motivated.

Flexible Working Training for Managers

Flexible Working Toolkits

Ribbons Media

Ribbons Media is a video production company based in Hampshire. We are passionate about ensuring our clients feel comfortable in front of the camera and have a professional video to showcase their business which in turn will build trust through their online presence, increasing their conversion and sales rates.


Realise Happiness

Michelle Hiseman is a career counsellor, interview coach and CV writer who helps you find fulfilment in your work.  Re-evaluate your career to find a new direction, return to work after a career break and find a future after redundancy.  Quote Ten2Two for a discount.