Franchise Programme

We partner with local entrepreneurs to extend the Ten2Two proposition to new areas

We launched Ten2Two with the concept of franchising in mind. We believe Ten2Two works best when delivered by people with a real passion to help their peers, can successfully operate in the local business community and have a desire to be successful in business. Building your own company with our support is the best way to achieve this.

Everything we did when we launched was designed to be replicable in other discreet areas and in 2012, Ten2Two started to selectively invite entrepreneurs and professionals to partner with us and set up their own Ten2Two business. We have already started building new part-time communities in Kent, Milton Keynes, North Hertfordshire, North Hampshire and most recently in Sussex, working together to build our brand as well as developing our local areas.

Ten2Two is ideally located where local professionals and a thriving local business community meet. Satellite towns and the counties around our largest cities; smaller, ‘independent’ cities such as Oxford, Cambridge and York; and the larger market towns like Cheltenham, Brighton and Harrogate are ideal.

Our approach is not aggressive. We want to build a national network of local Ten2Two businesses but ensure we build a team of passionate people who know business but connect closely with talent and frustration of playground professionals.

Ten2Two creates a local community of flexible professionals and helps businesses access it

There are a number of factors that makes Ten2Two stand out in the local environment:

  • We are 100% dedicated to flexible working. Women registering with Ten2Two know that we won’t constantly be pushing full-time roles and businesses know us as a specialist that can help them and support them with great flexible resources, differently to everyone else
  • We work in local areas and become part of the local business and residential communities. Flexible and part-time working works best when it’s local
  • We build the biggest community of flexible professionals in the local area, offering a resource to businesses that’s unavailable elsewhere
  • We provide a much needed solution to local professionals and we support them in developing the skills required to work flexibly. Our ‘members’ are supportive, they promote us amongst their friends and contacts and they also connect us to clients
  • We support the end-to-end recruitment process. Unlike jobsites, we screen candidates, match hours and days in addition to people and jobs and facilitate a smooth induction wherever required
  • We play a part in the development of flexible working nationally. Ten2Two has been consulted on flexible working issues by a number of policy groups, industry bodies, publications and companies, including Theresa May and her team

The final thing that makes us different is our people. We are all business professionals with experience of working in all types of companies across many functions. We can offer real business insight into our clients’ needs as well as offer expertise in flexible working and an effective recruitment process.

‘Many thanks to you for all of your support – they were all fabulous candidates & your input during the interview process was just invaluable.’ Rachel Canning – Physio-Life

Ten2Two successfully launched in West Hertfordshire in 2007 and captured the imagination of the local community

In our first area we went from zero to 750 ‘members’ in 6 months and now we’ve extended our community of local professionals to over 7,000 with up to 20 new registrations per week, largely driven by word of mouth recommendation and referral. Over 75% of members we attract are professionals, managers, senior administrators or PAs and over 45% of our members have professional qualifications.

Our clients range from start-ups to FTSE 100 but SMEs dominate. Jobs range from Senior Brand Managers, Marketing strategist to PAs, Marketing assistants, senior administrators and translators. Working formats span permanent roles, fixed-term contracts and consulting projects.

As you’ll see on this site, we operate as a recruitment business, charging a fee (generally a percentage of actual part-time salary) in return for a full-service, consultative process and access to our unique community. Following the initial set-up investment your costs are your time, maintaining a home-working set-up and sales, marketing and networking investment.

‘I was really impressed with the speedy service I received from Ten2Two and you found me the ideal candidate for the job.  Our standard high street recruitment consultants did not have access to the high calibre of people that you have on your books.  I would definitely use you again and would recommend you to other companies.’  Head of National Accounts for a major outsourcing company

Our franchise partners need ambition, determination and the talent to succeed

Our franchisees are professional people looking to set up and run their own business and like the idea of becoming a recognised figure in the local community.

To run a successful local Ten2Two franchise business you’ll love working with people, have empathy with the needs of working mothers, be business-minded and confident in working with clients as well as managing the detail of the business. Expertise in recruitment is not a necessity but being able to quickly pick up and manage the recruitment process is obviously important.

We have found that above all, Franchisees must be confident in their abilities to both engage with the local business communities and mobilise the local community of working and career-break professionals. It is important that Ten2Two becomes a recognisable member of the local community, so building and maintaining a presence through business networking and just getting out there and talking to people is vitally important.

We feel two-person teams, where emotional and practical support is built-in, is an ideal format for a Ten2Two franchise. It is possible to launch and deliver Ten2Two locally on your own but to do this you must have a support network around you with the ability to call on local childcare if required or administration support during busy times.

If you’re interested, we will talk to you in some detail about the role, the pressures of building your own business and provide as much support as we can to get you going. Launching, growing and running a business isn’t for everyone and over 4 million small business owners in the UK would agree. But it can be a rewarding and valuable experience.

If your business disappeared tomorrow, what would your customers do?

When we launched Ten2Two, one of our first clients sent us a book about the CEO of Jet Blue – the USA’s first budget airline. He used to ask his managers ‘If your business disappeared tomorrow, what would your customers do? If you truly provide value to clients they’d miss you and find it difficult to replace you. If you don’t, they simply go next door.’

Ten2Two’s members consistently tell us and their friends how much they value what we’re doing for them. In 2013 over 1,000 members attended our workshops and networking sessions – quite unique in the world of recruitment – and we get their support in return. Clients are delighted with the access we give them to part-time professionals, the service we deliver and the quality and value they get from their flexible workers.

‘Ten2Two helped me to find the right professional for our business quickly and efficiently from their talented community of professionals. My initial requirement was for a part-time book keeper but what we found was someone with a broader skill set who has also been able to help the business in various areas from finance to marketing.’ Howard Redhouse, Berwick Hill Properties

Ten2Two delivers a sustainable, valuable and niche proposition to local people and businesses and we want to work with people who have the same passion to help and be a part of their local communities.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further.

Contact John or Deborah on +44 (0)1442 503 727 or email for a further discussion.