Although Kent is labelled ‘the Garden of England’ it has, since the 16th century, been an industrialised county. From Brewing to Brickmaking and Textiles to Tanning, we are delighted to see the county thrive in the manufacturing and distribution of raw and shop-ready goods and materials.

With any industry there comes challenges, and for manufacturing, one such challenge we work through with clients, is cost-effective and sustainable business growth when growing their team.

Making that all-important hire, that fits with business objectives for growth, but doesn’t eat in to the cashflow, is critical.

Ten2Two are delighted to be working with so many innovative and creative companies here in Kent, many of which are within manufacturing. It seems that the proof is in the pudding, and with a large proportion of repeat business coming from this sector, we know that flexibility is helping local businesses with their growth strategy.

One such placement for a manufacturing client added more than just an extra pair of hands to the business, but helped to improve practices and procedures. As well as strategically reviewing the purchase ordering and forecasting system, all on part-time, flexible hours.

We have most recently placed several professionals within a variety of businesses. Many within FMCG. These roles have varied from Quality Assurance, Finance and HR to more scientific roles like product development.

The benefits of growing your team with more flexibility are many. It allows for cost effective growth from reduced overheads and access to a wider pool of talent. Which includes individuals looking for a flexible working week. The candidates we have placed have all been highly-skilled and can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Requiring less hours at their desk and a lower overhead for the business.

Hear from one of our existing clients on how they made flexible working work for their manufacturing business in Kent.

It’s great to see other organisations supporting this sector such as the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce. They have a separate business development and support group for manufacturers across Kent and Medway. For more information visit the Kent Manufacturing Focus Group Meeting

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