Interview Technique Webinar

You may be facing your first interview after a career break – and it can feel rather daunting. Join us for our free of charge interview technique webinar

You know you look good on paper but you don’t know what the interviewer is going to ask.  And you don’t know what you’re going to say. What if your mind goes blank? What if you find yourself waffling?

In this interactive webinar we will work through:

  • 3 mistakes to avoid if you want to ace your interview
  • How to deal with your career break or gaps in your employment history
  • Easy ways to boost your confidence, when you are not feeling sure of yourself

And much more.

Join Ten2Two, and our guests Rachel Veal and Becky Willding-Jones, Co-Founders of Coaching Partners  for a one-hour on-line workshop and help to conquer that interview!

Places at our events are very popular and are limited. To book your place please click here


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