I met a candidate very recently who explained how, over the last 19 years, she had taken the Marketing function in a micro business and used it to grow the business into an SME employing 180 people, turning over £280M.

It was a very interesting and creative journey!


Typical of our candidates…

This candidate, based around Basingstoke, is very typical of the candidates in our base. Having had a successful full-time career, there has come a point in her career where she has achieved what she set out to achieve and more, and would like to step back from full-time+ for a while and spend some extra time with a young family. But we are not limited to Basingstoke!  If your business is based in North Hants, or the Berks/Surrey borders, we’ve got candidates available immediately.

Our candidates are keen to continue working in their chosen professions, bringing their skills and adding value to local businesses and are prepared to take a pro-rated salary in exchange for part-time hours/days.

Benefit to you…

The benefits to you are many:

  • Senior skills and experience are much more affordable.
  • There is often less training to be given.
  • Candidates are local, so no rush hour delays.
  • Often immediately available.

If you thought your budget would never stretch to attract the IDEAL candidate, think again.

Speak to us today to find out how we can help you – 01252 856862 or email Louise@Ten2Two.org

We cover Basingstoke, Farnborough, Fleet, Aldershot, Farnham, Hook and surrounding areas.




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