Flexible Working Help & Support

We’re always happy to help our clients and members make the best of flexible working. After all, employer flexibility can be a highly fulfilling and satisfactory option for everyone concerned. Contact your local team and have a look at the great online resources we recommend and like:

Business: Flexible working resources

We do more than help you recruit the right person. We’ll help write the job profile, identify the right working pattern for your business and work out the right salary for the job. And if you need it, we can go even further with assisting employer flexibility, by pointing you in the right direction for advice on offers of employment and employment contracts. This can be very useful if you’re not accustomed to regularly employing staff.

We’re happy to come to your office to discuss your requirements, even if you’re at an early stage in your thinking. Alternatively, if you’re need is immediate, we’ll take a brief over the phone and meet later.

Take a look at our business area for advice on the following:

  • Designing a flexible role and employer flexibility
  • Managing flexible employees effectively
  • Employee tips from our members about making flexible working work


There are some great online resources to help you through the maze of flexible working options, practices and employment conditions. A great starting point for people and employers alike is Gov.uk. Check out their section on employing people, where you’ll find information on employing people for the first time, employment status, employment contracts and part-time workers rights.

You’ll also find an interesting article from Jenny Wilmott MP on the benefits of flexible working.


ACAS provides information, advice, training, conciliation and other services for employers and employees to help prevent or resolve workplace problems.

You’ll find some useful resources on the ACAS website but they also have a free helpline you can call if you have any employment questions or issues.

Working Families

A useful site from a pioneer organisation in the flexible working sector, Working Families has plenty of advice on developing a high performance, flexible, family-friendly work culture.

Workplace burnout and how to avoid it

Check out our blog on workplace burnout, full of really useful information and links to resources, including a comprehensive guide on How to Avoid Burnout and Stress in the Digital Age.

Members: Flexible working resources

After you register with Ten2Two, keep an eye out for your next Member Get-Together event. We hold local member networking sessions where you get a chance to meet like-minded people. Plus it’s also a great opportunity to meet and sit with one of the Ten2Two team to review your CV and discuss your requirements.

We also offer professional development workshops free of charge to our members. Topics such as CV and Interviewing; Managing your Professional Profile Online; Dressing for the Workplace and Returning to Work After a Break. Keep an eye on your email or take a look at what your local team is planning.

These are always popular events so make sure you book your place early.

Useful Resources

As well as looking online, don’t miss our hints and tips for useful advice on:

Talented Ladies

If it’s inspiration you’re looking for, Talented Ladies might just be the site for you. This great team inspires ambitious mums around the world, showing them that it’s possible to build a career or business whilst enjoying a rewarding family life. If you’re returning to work, freelancing or starting your own business, have a look at Talented Ladies.

Jessica Chivers

Jessica’s a great source of thoughtful inspiration. She works with women and employers and always offers a balanced view on the opportunities and issues surrounding working life. For a start, take a look at her blog on JessicaChivers.com.

Mum & Career

A treasure of information, Mum & Career brings together lots of flexible working support for professional working mums. It’s a brilliant source of inspiration and motivation to help you achieve the work-life balance for you and your family.


For more practical information, Gov.uk is the place to start. The section on employing people is full of useful and accurate information including your employment rights, requesting flexible working and calculating your pro rata holiday.

Working Families

Working Families is a charity that helps working parents and carers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work. They provide information for working mothers, fathers and carers on their employment rights. They offer articles and guidance on the issues that are important to you.

Workplace burnout and how to avoid it

Worth linking twice as it’s equally important for employees and employers. Here is our blog on workplace burnout, full of really useful information and links to resources, including a comprehensive guide on How to Avoid Burnout and Stress in the Digital Age.

If you find organisations or websites you feel we should list here, please get in touch.