Do you pride yourself on being a great organiser? Are you one step ahead of latest trends? Whatever your strengths, there’s one skill we can all relate to when it comes to achieving a good work-life balance, and that’s the power to think ahead.

Find flexible jobs in your area

As a flexible and part-time recruiter, for us autumn is traditionally a busy period whereby employers firmly put the holiday season behind them and start to make plans for the busy end of year period. It means they’re looking to hire exceptional professional workers to help them succeed in their business goals. And flexible workers can give them the chance to find great talent to do it.

Register to find flexibility this autumn

If your career is on your mind and you’d like a flexible job, think ahead and if you aren’t already registered with us, just go to today and we’ll be in touch.

We’re hosting a series of FREE Member workshops in Berkhamsted this autumn for flexible job seekers looking to connect with forward-thinking employers.

Member ‘Get Together’ Session, morning of Wednesday 19th September, times vary, Berkhamsted

We’d love to get to know you, particularly as it helps us to promote your skill set to prospective employers. Join us at this informal and friendly networking session and enjoy a chance to focus on yourself and your career. Slots are available at 9.30am, 10.45am and Midday. Please state your preferred time slot when reserving your place.

Not convinced about the power of networking? Here’s why networking is good for your career and where you can build your network to find flexible jobs and fresh opportunities.

Social Media Workshop, evening of Wednesday 26th September, 8-10pm, Berkhamsted

Come along and learn how Social Media is changing the world around us and how you can make the most of your social media profile in business.  From LinkedIn to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, this workshop is for you if you feel the Digital World is currently on another planet!

If you’re a flexible job seeker and would like to come along to any of the free events above, please register as a Member and email today. 

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