Our Flexible & Proud Report led to us speaking to lots of our clients and partners in greater depth about how they implement flexible working for the benefit of their business. A key response has been that technology makes flexibility in the workplace a possibility for businesses.

When we talk to businesses and employees who work flexibility, a few common themes often emerge. For example, the thought that if organisations are already adopting high standards and ways of working, flexible working shouldn’t be too much of a leap.

Yet for other less forward-thinking businesses, a persistent barrier is that they don’t recognise how to implement flexible working without it taking up copious amounts of time and energy. It’s this barrier that has led our flexible recruitment agency to offer flexible working consultancy in order to help bridge this gap. And central to this, is the use of technology, as our recent Flexible & Proud Report shows.

Technology supports agile working practices

London Chartered Accountant, Kingston Smith, told us they introduced a new agile working infrastructure and policy based on leading edge technology to provide staff with the best possible working environment and working practices.

Significant investment in IT, such as the implementation of Fuze unified communications, has enabled more efficient flexible working, including video conferencing and instant messaging, which has greatly contributed to the agile working policy.

Its implementation has had a positive impact on many employees, improving efficiency, better utilising office space, reducing the cost, time and pollution of travelling. With a female to male ratio across the firm of 50%, this is supporting people to enter, remain in, or return to employment where this might otherwise be difficult.

In this way, the right technology supports returners and can even help businesses to close the gender pay gap.

Facilitate remote working with better tech

Potential Squared, a Business Management Consultant based in Hertfordshire, told Ten2Two they have clients all over the world, so agile working has enabled them to be more flexible in their business offering. They provide all staff with a laptop and a large desk-based screen instead of a desktop computer. This allows flexibility in the workplace and remote working opportunities, so their people can take work with them wherever they happen to be based.

Royvon is a dog hotel and training company so the hours are around the clock and the company employs nearly 50 staff. They have embraced flexibility in the workplace by investing in a bespoke app that lets manages appointments for specialist trainers and groomers so that it works around their schedule at home. It seems technology can help everyone to work more effectively, but particularly in the case of flexible and remote workers.

Talk to our flexible working agency today

At flexible recruitment agency Ten2Two, we know just how important technology can be when implementing new flexible ways of working. If you invest in tech, you can reap the benefits from a more flexible and better equipped workforce.

Talk to our experts in flexible working consultancy and business recruitment today. We can help you pinpoint opportunities for flexible working within your business or help you to find excellent professional staff. We look forward to hearing from you.


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