We often get asked if we only work on jobs for employees who want to work from ten o’clock in the morning until two o’clock on the afternoon. Makes sense, right? After all, our name is Ten2Two, the flexible and part-time recruitment agency.

The answer is absolutely not!

Not just jobs around school hours

We find professional roles for candidates who are seeking any pattern of flexible hours or different working patterns outside of the traditional 9 to 5. Part-time hours, staggered hours or job shares are all forms of flexible working.

We find that part days or part weeks are the most popular working formats, but there are others too, such as 9-day fortnights which would see staff working full days like other members of staff but just with a day off after every ninth day.

Flexible working isn’t just working from home

Often, flexible working includes an element of working from home which can work really well for employers (who save desk space) and employees (who often quote higher productivity).  Some employers offer full-time hours that are entirely home-based which can work brilliantly well for employees with a long commute.

Whatever flexible format is adopted, employers are looking for keen, proactive team players who can offer their company cost-effective talent.

As our Flexible and Proud Report shows, many employers work in different ways, so the patterns adopted and how staff output is measured will vary from business to business. Yes, reduced hours might work for some employers, but for others remote working might fit the bill.

So where does the name Ten2Two come from?

You might be wondering at this point where our business name came from then, since we don’t just find roles between the hours of 10am and 2pm – the hours available to work when children are at school.

The name Ten2Two came from our original business idea, which germinated in the playground back in 2007. We noticed that many professionals felt shut out of their careers once they started a family as so the name Ten2Two was coined.

As working mothers wanted to get back into work after starting a family, they found that only permanent full-time roles were available. And we felt that was crazy – particularly as there are so many benefits of flexible working for employers. But we must emphasise, we don’t just find employees jobs around school hours.  Our full story is here to read.

True to this original starting point, as well as flexible recruitment, we work with many employers now to provide returnships and offer consultancy around this. We’re passionate about helping returning mothers (and fathers) back into the workplace to utilise their valuable skills and boost the economy.

If you’d like to find local, hard-working staff who want to work flexibly for your business, please contact Jane@ten2two.org today. Or if you’re a candidate in search of flexible hours – not just around school hours – please register here. We hope to help kick start your flexible journey!




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