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We exclusively support experienced professionals in finding the type of part-time or flexible work that meets their work, career and family needs – work life balance in fact.


“I need to balance work and family”

Many people registering with Ten2Two are mothers, fathers or carers seeking a solution that balances their need or desire to work with the sometimes conflicting demands of work and employers. Perhaps this is you…

Returning to Work After a Career Break

“My children are finally all at school and my attention has switched to re-entering the workplace and re-establishing my career. I want the best of both worlds –rewarding work and a happy family”

Leaving Full-Time Employment in Search of Flexibility

“I do a demanding job that I enjoyed but with a long commute I constantly feel I’m missing out on my children’s development and feel I’m not doing either very well.”

Reassessing life on Maternity Leave

“I’m due to return to work after my maternity leave but two children and an unresponsive employer that won’t allow me to work flexibly, means that the idea of a local flexible role sounds like the solution I’m looking for.”

“I Want to Work Flexibly”

For many professionals, family isn’t always their main concern when it comes to their flexible needs. It’s just part of what they do to have greater work life balance:

Professional Contractors

“I love the flexibility that contracting offers me. I get my teeth into a challenging project, do a great job and then have some time off to sort out my life before starting again.”

Creative Freelancers

“I’m part of the creative community of designers, copywriters and journalists who live task by task, day to day. We can choose to fill our diaries or just keep our hand in with occasional assignments”.

Project Executives

“After years of hard-won experience, I love spending some time sharing my knowledge with businesses and executives that need ‘a shove’ in the right direction, a sympathetic ear or a reality check.”

The First Step is the Most Important Step

If you see yourself in the examples above, what’s your next move to achieve work life balance?

  1. If you’d like us to help you find flexible work, simply register with Ten2Two and become a member by entering your postcode in the box to the right. That’s the first step. No commitment, no charge, no hassle. Just join our community and get on our candidate radar.
  1. You can find out more about how we operate, what registering with us entails, the flexible options available to you and the clients we work with by browsing further around this section. Take a look at the menu on the left.
  1. Your CV is the currency we use to help you find your ideal job. We can’t help you without one but we also know it’s a challenging task if you haven’t done one for a long time. Check out our simple guide, register and attend one of our local workshops or search the internet for CV writing tips – there’s lots of it around.
  1. There’s a lot of support and advice available from many great organisations. You might need advice about flexible working requests, guidance on part-time employment conditions, or if you’re returning to work after a break, or just want regular encouragement and advice. Whatever you require, talk to us today or check out our recommended online sources or services here.