We work as a flexible recruitment agency, helping our members on all different types of roles from Senior Administrator positions to Finance Managers, Marketing Managers, Non-Exec Directors and everything in between. Unfortunately we can’t help with health workers, drivers or catering staff.
Absolutely not. There are many different working patterns and we work with our clients and members to explore what might suit them the best. We find that part-days or part-weeks are the most popular flexible working formats. Read more here to see what other formats might work for you, like working from home or job shares.
In general, term time only roles tend to only be available in the education sector. So occasionally roles might come up, but most commercial businesses require support all year round. If you’re worried about covering the school holidays, we find that this is generally possible with a combination of holiday allowance, your own family holiday and some organised childcare.
We only send your details to clients with your express permission. We’ll contact you about possible flexible or part-time roles and make sure that you are interested before discussing you and your skills with our clients.
There is more information here about how we work.
If you are returning to work, it can sometimes be challenging to know what to do. We often talk to professionals who have held senior positions in the past, but who are seeking something with more balance. Give us a call if this sounds like you – we have lots of ideas to help you find the ideal flexible working formats and more. For example, we know some talented career coaches.
Yes, one of our most popular development workshops is creating the best CV you can. Your CV is very personal and is your ‘shop window’, so we won’t write it for you but we can give you some pointers to make you stand out from the crowd.
Of course. We’re happy to work with any professionals seeking more flexibility in their working lives. We are a flexible and part-time recruitment agency, so we have a number of male members together with carers of elderly parents and horse and dog lovers too.
Our work seeking services is free, together with our member development workshops. Occasionally, a small charge might be made for an exceptional flexible working development event but this would be made very clear at the time.