Being a Member

Exclusively For You

The school run inspired our name. Many parents want to work between the drop off and pick up period – 10am to 2pm. Yet so many that we met couldn’t find the kind of flexible work to allow them to do this. Hence why Ten2Two was created. Our flexible and part-time recruitment agency is here to help experienced professionals find rewarding work with local companies of all sizes – whatever hours and days suit your needs.

Flexible Challenge

We recognise that going back to work after maternity or changing your current role involves more than just finding a job (although that’s a pretty big part of it). Finding the right role, updating your skills and rebuilding your confidence all contribute to enjoying work and we’ll help you all the way.

It was good to meet you today and thank you for your very perceptive input. I am so impressed by the coaching and whole set up of Ten2Two, it is personal and confidence-boosting. And it was good to meet the other sparky ladies. Many of us have come to you by word of mouth which speaks highly of how well-respected you are.
– Victoria

Candidates and Members

Once registered, we don’t just see you as just another candidate. We aim to help and coach you through the job-hunting and selection process as well as help you professional development through free events and workshops. And when we get together there’s always a buzz as like-minded people share experiences and goals.

That’s why we call you ‘Members’ and not candidates. You don’t pay for membership. We just want you to feel you’re part of our community that has some common goals and supports each other – in fact many of our members refer new clients to us and we like to thank them for it.

Thanks for your time and advice today. I enjoyed meeting the team and the other members; your positive attitude to my background and ambition (and age!) was most refreshing. I now really feel I can find a suitable role and am keen to get started on research.
– Leah

Everyone Welcome

If you have professional skills and experience and you’re looking for permanent, contract or freelance work, it’s worth registering as a member of Ten2Two. Our flexible and part-time recruitment agency isn’t just for mothers, although we recognise how hard it can be going back to work after maternity and finding flexible work.

We welcome everyone who wants to work flexibly, including fathers and carers. Registering your details and joining our member community, means we can  help you find the role you want as well as giving UK businesses a taste of what they’re missing.

“Finally I’ve found a flexible and part-time recruitment agency designed for me, as it’s been difficult enough going back to work after maternity. I’ve been so frustrated and was about to give up on returning to work completely! The recruitment industry simply doesn’t get part-time and doesn’t want to know mothers!”

Ursula Chauvineau, Marketing Manager

‘Part-time works for men and women. My part-time Senior Marketing Manager role give me the flexibility and time to continue providing ad-hoc support to several consultancy clients, whilst helping me to fulfil my voluntary commitments.”

Nick Wake, Marketing Director

Registering with Us

Registering is a very simple process.

Simply upload your CV by putting your postcode into the box on the right or on the home page. It asks you for some basic details and you can upload your CV – our system will suck out your career details from your CV so we’ll have your details to hand when we need them.

If you’re CV isn’t ready yet, don’t worry. You can find tips here to help you write one. Plus you can still register and upload your CV later. Remember though, your CV is the basic current of job-hunting so don’t put it off, we can’t really help you without it!

Find out more about the registration process here.

What to Expect

Once you’ve registered:

You’ll get an email from the team explaining how we work and they’ll start looking out for your perfect role.

If their candidate search picks you out, they’ll give you a call or drop you an email. In addition, you’ll get all the details you need, as well as an outline of the application process, which we manage end-to-end.

We don’t publish our jobs online and rarely use jobsites. We like to use the community of people registered with us – we know you want professional part-time and flexible work – and we like to personally match your needs with the needs of the employer. Read more about what to expect when you’re a Ten2Two member here.

Local Teams

We’re local to you. Our local teams know your area, organise local professional development events and are working with businesses that will offer local professionals, local part-time jobs. Most of us know what it’s like going back to work after maternity or a career break, so we bring our individual experience to everything we do, with successful results.

When you register with our flexible and part-time recruitment agency, you’ll automatically be registered with your local team and they’ll be in touch within a few days of receiving your registration.

Like-minded community?

When you’re a member of the Ten2Two community you’ll be joining a like-minded community:

10,000+ people across our local Ten2Two communities
97% female
Majority aged between 25-54
More than 50% exclusively registered with Ten2Two
74% with primary childcare responsibilities
70% with Management and professional experience
Broad variety of professions and sectors