It’s that time of year again when parents run around looking for last-minute bits of uniform and school kit, wondering where on earth the time is going – and if you’re like us, wishing you had more of it.

September spells jobs for mums and dads

September may spell a new school term, but it also presents fresh employment opportunities by way of jobs for mums and dads who find they have a new focus at this time of year. Meanwhile, many employers start to ramp up their output. They often increase recruitment as they focus on the final business quarter of the year and staff get back to work after the holiday period. It’s why September is a great time to find a new flexible role. So where should you start?

Returners seeking work after a career break

If you’re a returner, having had a career break after starting a family or for other reasons, it’s best to work out what makes you tick professionally.

  • Think about what’s fulfilling to you.
  • What sort of organisation would you like to work for?
  • What did you enjoy most about your past jobs?
  • What sort of hours could you work?
  • Do you need a career change or to retrain to fit your work around family life?
  • Remember that your approach should be long-term where possible.

Find out more here about approaching a return to work after starting a family.

Working parents seeking a career refresh

If you’re not a returner, take time to consider what you enjoy about your current career situation and what you’d like to see change.

  • Write a list of five things you enjoy about your job and what you’d like to change.
  • Do you need greater flexibility in your life?
  • Can you approach your employer about this?
  • If you do, be clear about what you want and how this will benefit the business at large.
  • If salary is an issue, consider how you might ask for a pay rise.
  • Can you approach your employer about training opportunities?

Five career aspects to consider this autumn

Broaden your existing skillset

Now is a good time to consider retraining or improving your existing skillset. Can you approach your employer about training opportunities? Or would you like to brush up your skills in another area? September is when colleges and adult education organisations offer new courses for adults.

Think about mentoring opportunities

We find that many part-time and flexible employees have a lot of excellent experience and skills to offer their employees. Could you consider offering to mentor more junior employees to impart some of this knowledge? It would show you’re keen to build the business and could even help to bring fresh focus to your role.

Brush up your CV and LinkedIn profile

Whatever situation you’re in, it’s always good to have an up-to-date CV ready to go in case a new opportunity comes calling. Here at Ten2Two, we find professional jobs for mums and dads – and everyone for that matter – and September is when we see an uplift in candidate vacancies across a wide range of industries.

Think workshops and networking

September is also a great time to join a networking group. We offer networking opportunities by way of FREE Member workshops and events. When you register, we’ll contact you about relevant events in your local area.

Think locally, explore your options

If you’re still unsure about where your future lies in terms of your career, it’s worth registering with our flexible and part-time recruitment agency. We’ll send you details of relevant opportunities – and you never know – we might just have the perfect role for you.




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