Our difference

Exclusively flexible. Our difference is that we’re 100% dedicated to professional part-time work and flexible roles for all sizes of business across a wide range of business sectors and professions.

We’ve got privileged access to a unique community. Over 50% of our local registered ‘members’ are not active in the job market or registered elsewhere. We support their development with free events, workshops, advice and guidance.

We’re flexible working experts. Recognised in the UK as one of the leading flexible resourcing companies, people and clients like working with us as we know what we’re doing. This is proven by the number of companies that keep coming back to us, time and again.

We are local and real people. We’re not just online… we talk, meet, facilitate, support and advise. We operate in and understand your local area and we become part of your local community, networking with local business and supporting local causes.

There’s a lot of support waiting for you. Whether you’re a business or a professional seeking a part-time job or a flexible role, we have plenty of advice and guidance ready to give you.

We’re business professionals helping businesses and professionals. Our independent teams have years of professional business experience, understand how businesses work and really get the needs of professionals seeking flexibility in their lives.

We provide an end-to-end recruitment service. We can handle every stage of the recruitment process for our clients so they take advantage of our experience, save their precious time and make fewer mistakes. Our approach is similar to an Executive Search model rather than high street or online recruitment.

We’re not just a recruitment agency. Since 2007, we’ve been actively involved in shaping the future of flexible working in the UK by also specialising in flexible working consultancy, returnship programmes and flexible working research.