Flexible working consultancy


We like to go beyond our local resourcing and recruitment activities by reinforcing our position as a leading flexible working consultancy. We’ve done this by taking an active role in the development of flexible working in the UK. We’ve also presented to, and advised a number of outstanding UK businesses and organisations. This has included a global project for Citi on flexible working strategies and policies.

Subjects have included:

  • Flexible working consultancy strategy – corporate and small business/start up
  • Flexible working policy setting & management in practice
  • Flexible working legislation changes
  • Women in the workplace – progression and work/social issues
  • Female attrition research
  • Flexible working trends and issues research
  • We work with several highly qualified associates to support our process.

Conducting and disseminating our own research

To support our corporate projects and a number of organisations we work with – including the CIPD, UK Chamber of Commerce, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation and Resolution Foundation – we have conducted a number or research surveys amongst our growing member community.

For copies of the research or for more information about our flexible working consultancy, please contact jane@ten2two.org


If you’re interested in tapping into our practical skills and experience, please contact Deborah O’Sullivan or Jane O’Gorman on +44 (0)1442 503 727 or email jane@ten2two.org