Our expanding talent pool of untapped professionals proves there is still a long way to go in diversity, talent retention, and modern cost effective working patterns in many organisations. The myth that flexible working patterns or agile working is detrimental and costly to business needs to be smashed.

I recently met with an extremely willing, experienced, and qualified finance professional. They have been nurtured, trained (at great cost no doubt) by one of the Big Five practices. They are looking for a way back to work after a 2 year gap (to raise children). But desire some flexibility around the working week.

They have found many doors closed because of the lack of understanding or belief this could work in their organisation. I read an article about another big organisation, Deloitte. They recognise that to be competitive and retain and attract the best talent, this old school mind-set just does not cut the mustard in today’s market.  It is great to also discover Morgan Stanley (Return to work), Credit Suisse (Real Returns), and Goldman Sachs (Returnships) all managing their investments well.

Thankfully the candidate found Ten2Two just in the nick of time. We will introduce them to a forward-thinking organisation who will relish the added value of someone with their skills.  Because that’s what we do! #connections

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